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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project

I'm in. I need some good karma for this year. I've got some red hat 8
cd's as well as 7.3 and 7.2. Just let me know what to bring. Weekday
evenings are bad for me now however, as I'm working till 8pm at night.
Weekends are generally good with a few weeks forwarning.

>>> 07/09/03 21:18 PM >>>
Fellow geeks,

I need some volenteers to help me with a community service project.  To
put a Linux computer in the home of every kid in a Chester elementry
school, which is 450 students.  If this works, I will try to do other
schools as well.

Here is the basic plan:

There is a local non-profit that recycles computers
( and sells them at low cost ($50-$150) to
economically challenged families.  They currently have 2000 computers
available.  I also have a friend that is a grade school teacher in
City who's students come from economically challenged families. I would
like to get the computers to the school/children at no cost, but running
Linux of course.  The computers are currently sold with win98. Putting
Linux on the boxes would give the kids and their families a better leg
and not have to worry about being strapped with an antiquated,
OS.  I am currently working on corporate sponsors to pay for the
and Linux distros to provide the OS (and maybe some funds too).

This is where PLUG comes in...I was hoping to recruit as many people as
possible to install Linux on all the boxes.  I'm hoping the majority
have the same hardware, which would make this decidedly less difficult. 
As far as time frame, I don't have one.  I'm just trying to gauge the
level of cooperation I can muster.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome!



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