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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

Paul wrote:

George Gallen wrote:

Very few games would run on these machines, but games
I mean educational type games (Jumpstart, etc.) which
could be borrowed from libraries and/or schools. As well
what kind of computer system does the school system in
Chester Co use? Do they require a windows type machine
for any software that the techers might be handing out
to supplement their textbooks?

Very good point. Dual boot? Give the kids something that M$ would never give them--a choice. There is a lot of Open Source and free software available which run under M$ Windows.

Do you think the hard drives of these older computers -- probably under 4 GB -- have room for dual boot?

Anyway, George, Chester is in Delaware County. County government has nothing to do with school governance. Certain goals and requirements are set by the state (180 day minimum year, Standards for graduation, etc.) while the details (and equipment acquisitions are done at the local, school board level (school districts usually mirror municipal boundaries, with some exceptions). Chester-Upland is one of the most underserved districts in the state. It is the first district taken over by the state for inept administration, several years before Philadelphia. Before that, the federal courts were administering it, the problems had gotten so bad. I think Jon's goal is large enough that the district will use what Jon gives it to use.


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