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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

Jason wrote:

We're not responsible for the education of these kids, but we can teach them
a very important lesson: They can support each other and end up better off than with whatever crappy support they can't afford to purchase. And we can help support PLUG Jr. The biggest help is just showing them an example of how the Linux community is about sharing ideas and helping others, in direct contrast with greed-driven, price-fixed, anti-competitive, software licensing schemes. Just dumping computers in their laps would be a huge wasted opportunity to really provide some needed help.

Jason makes an incredible point here. We can teach them that they can support each other. The people in this community have experience with self-support and government support, but outside of some strong families that still exist there, they have little experience in supporting each other. Imagine a child in this community learning that he or she can *teach* their classmates! Whoever came up with this plug Jr. thing is onto something.


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