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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's

Chris Mann said:
> So...
> If we decide *nix is the way to go, how are we going to pass the
> knowledge contained collectively in our wetware to these "eager young
> minds of tomorrow?" I suppose we could ask them to meet at a place and
> give them tutorials. But what about actually going into their homes and
> helping them? I mean, isn't that what we're doing by giving them pc's?
> We're going into their homes via hardware, why not via wetware? I bring
> this up because I'm kind of worried that the families will get the pc's
> and be happy and grateful. Then we tell them that yes, indeed! We will
> show them how to use them etc, just be meet us here at 8pm on the second
> tuesday of next week. They could have every intention of showing up but
> for what ever reason don't make it. So they're left with half the story.
> But if we not only give them the machines, but we also say "OK, if
> you're interested in learning more about how to use what we gave you,
> put your name on this list (PLUGJR), and you'll be assigned a mentor.
> Your mentor will swing by and show you how to do everyday things and be
> available to answer your questions as you go on in learning. I think by
> doing this, we not only reach out into the homes, but also reach out and
> guide. We guide those who want to, and those who don't....well....

Chris, you ROCK!  This is why I _love_ the open source community, I put
out this idea and PLUG has responded with such great ideas.  Ideas that I
might not have come up with without throwing my plan out there for
comment.  I would really like to thank everyone for all of their input.

I obviously have a lot of work to do.  First is finding corporate sponsors
willing to put up the cash for these systems.  They might be used, but I
believe they are at least PII if not PIII's.  So they're not total junk.

Now I have to figure out the best way to approach these corporations.  I
don't think that email is appropriate.  I was thinking of developing some
sort of package with what we're a trying to do and a layout of the types
of systems we are trying to purchase.  Then present it in person to their
PR department.  I was thinking of approaching major corporations in the
Chester area like: Boeing, Sun Oil, Widener Univ, Fischer Tank Co., and
Crozer-Chester Medical Center.

Chris, once again excellent idea!

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