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Re: [PLUG] Community Service Project (Devil's advocate)

On Saturday, July 12, 2003, at 05:27 PM, M.Simons wrote:

Where exactly is this again? I know he said something about some chester
school district.. I have previously heard stuff in another conversation
about how there is a chester county, and a chester, and one is not
actually in the other or something like that. Either way, where exactly
is this underserved region/school district?

This is the city of Chester, in Delaware County. When you drive down I-95 southbound it is south of I-476. It's easily the biggest wart on DelCo in terms of pervasive poverty & crime.

What sort of resources are in
that area already? What other organizations exist? Is there a LUG there?

I posted a little while ago asking if there was interest in setting up a DelCo LUG but didn't get much of an enthusiastic response from that query.

a computer users group of any type?  Where is teamchildren or other
organizations in relation to where this is?  A community technology
center? Where are plug members in relation to this place? Are people
willing to travel to this place?

If you travel to this place, don't bring a nice car. I've had too many people try to take my car out from under me while I was still in it over in Chester.

That said, I'm pretty close to the area (in Media now, in Prospect Park later this summer).


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