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RE: [PLUG] dig returns "Transfer failed", what to do?

--> > Does anyone know, is there some software or web sites that generate
--> > all the info that would be in a zone file (doesn't have to in the
--> > named zone format - I'll do that part), maybe from reverse lookups
--> > against all the IPs in the domain's range or something?
--> That question doesn't make sense. There is NOT a one-to-one mapping
--> between IP addresses and hostnames, even if a given domain is
--> entirely contained within a given IP-number network. (Think CNAMEs,
--> MX records...)
--> --
--> gabriel rosenkoetter
--> gr@eclipsed.net

Thanks, I'm getting it. But look below, I can get multiple FQDN from one IP
using host -v doing a reverse lookup. If I knew all the Internet routable IP
addresses of a given domain name would doing "host -v <each IP>" give me all
the same mappings, albeit backwards, as getting the zone transfer?

- Zake

[root@rh9 root]# host google.com
google.com has address
google.com has address

[root@rh9 root]# host -v
Trying ""
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 7139
;; flags: qr rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 4, ADDITIONAL: 4

;   IN      PTR

;; ANSWER SECTION: 6098 IN    PTR     www.google.com.

53.239.216.in-addr.arpa. 8262   IN      NS      ns1.google.com.
53.239.216.in-addr.arpa. 8262   IN      NS      ns2.google.com.
53.239.216.in-addr.arpa. 8262   IN      NS      ns3.google.com.
53.239.216.in-addr.arpa. 8262   IN      NS      ns4.google.com.

ns1.google.com.         83890   IN      A
ns2.google.com.         74092   IN      A
ns3.google.com.         239626  IN      A
ns4.google.com.         71234   IN      A

Received 209 bytes from in 285 ms

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