Michael F. Robbins on Wed, 16 Jul 2003 10:24:05 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] smashing php caching crashing -- ready for server thrashing

"Keith Bentrup" <keith@lucidts.com> wrote:
>  since we use some online groupware to run the office, we need to
> squeeze every bit of juice out of our web server (RH7) so this is
> what we did recently (though probably should have done long ago) ...
> turned on compression via ob_gzhandler, recompiled php and moved the
> session management to memory rather than files, and installed turck
> mmcache <- now this is my best guess where the problem is
>  since we did this tuning, apache sporadically stops serving php pages
> (html pages are fine), i don't remember the exact output from wget when
> testing but the error was something like ... unexpected end of file
> error while parsing headers  ... next time it happens i'll try to run
> some more diagnostics but i don't want to keep the site down too long
> since we depend on it

Have you tried watching memory allocation of apache processes?  See if
they grow large after many (100s or 1000s of) requests.  If so, something
is likely leaking memory.

Also, if I remember correctly, apache does have a mechanism whereby the
controlling process can kill and restart a child server process after it
has served a set number of pages.  This may be a temporary solution to
your problem.

On a side note, I've had very good results with the Alternative PHP Cache.
 I also have custom code that does PHP session management through MySQL
instead of through direct fs access.

Michael F. Robbins

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