William G. Zappasodi on Thu, 24 Jul 2003 15:01:07 -0400

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[PLUG] PGP question

    Enjoyed the encryption talk a few weeks ago.
Quick question (problem).
I have a perl script that encrypts contents of a form & sends as an attachment.
Encryption only works on the command line.
I can only encrypt via the script if i'm using the id that the webserver is running on: mywebserver
$out = `/usr/local/bin/pgpe -f $pgp_user -o ../databases/$ofile.asc -a ../databases/$ofile.txt`;
want to send to: somebody@sombody.com who has sent  me his public key and has been added to mywebserver@mywebserver.com ring.
can't encrypt the file when $pgp_user =  somebody@sombody.com
only, $pgp_user = mywebserver@mywebserver.com
Setting path in the script: 
$ENV{'PGPPATH'}   = '/usr2/mywebserver/.pgp';
Thanks In Advance
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