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Re: [PLUG] Debian 10th Birthday

On Fri, 25 Jul 2003, Stephen Gran wrote:
> I wasn't sure if anybidy else knew about this, since I have seen no
> traffic about it.  Debian turns 10 on August 16th.  There is a
> coordination page for celebrations: http://www.debconf.org/10years/
> although nothing in our area is listed.  Since this is roughly (at least
> in the same week as) the next time slot for PADS, does anybody want to

Since we are already planning on having a (sort of) Linux Anniversary
weekend on the weekend of August 22nd, maybe it might be good to just
combine efforts for that weekend?

The plan:
 August 22nd Bar Night Location to be confirmed
 August 23rd Swap Meet Location to be confirmed
 August 24th Picnic/BBQ @ FDR Park

BTW, this would be the third annual event of this nature, last year we had
the above, and the year before that, just the picnic.  It was based on the
dates of Linux 10th Anniversary (August 25th, 3 yrs ago) but was always
geared towards inviting all open source/unix/linux/etc. type grass roots
thing under the title of PLUS (Philadelphia Linux/Unix Symposium).. or,
just another excuse to party. :D

Right now we are waiting on a website w/small db app so people can RSVP
we have a volunteer to recreate it, however, one can always use additional
help, so if you want to help create the event site, feel free to jump in
and post or email me.

Beyond that, the next step would be inviting people, other LUGs, other
computer organizations in a multi-state area, getting it posted on
central websites, etc.  We need people to do that too.  [I am short on
time, with my nonprofit arts & environmental organization taking up more
and more of my focus.]

The 10th anniversary site is still up at http://philly.linux10.org/ to use
the content to build upon.. last years' site unfortunately died in a hard
drive crash.

I guess that's it for now.
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