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Re: [PLUG] Job searching continues

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Rebecca Ore wrote:
> Any other techie operator agencies out there?

TekSystems (Plymouth Meeting)
Judge Group (Bala Cynwyd)
Robert Half Technology (offices everywhere)(a few of their recruiters
on this list)
Adecco Technical (Bluebell)
KForce Technical (Somewhere, NJ, but handles Delaware Valley)

> I talked to the manager at HireKnowledge yesterday
> and he said this was an unusually bad summer slump.

I just did a Google search on "worst summer job market" with these
depressing results...
"Casper, Wyoming - Friday, June 06, 2003
Teens Face Worst Summer Job Market in Nearly 40 Years

... Despite the progress we made in the 1990s, this nation's teens
have been bumped down the queue by out-of-work older adults and
college grads entering the job market," said Andrew Sum, director of
the Center for Labor Market Studies and lead author of the report. It
promises to be a long, hot, jobless summer for American teenagers."
"Posted on Tue, Jun. 17, 2003		
Job Market Worst Since Early 1990s
Associated Press

MILWAUKEE - Three out of four employers expect to cut jobs or hold off
on hiring this summer, contributing to the worst employment market
since the early 1990s, a new survey said Tuesday.

About two-thirds of employers said they don't expect to hire any
additional workers and 9 percent plan to eliminate jobs during the
July-to-September quarter, according to the survey by Manpower Inc."
"Hiring prospects dimmer in 3Q
Jobs may be tougher to find in the third quarter than they are now,
according to a new survey.
June 17, 2003: 5:01 AM EDT"
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