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RE: [PLUG] BIND troubleshooting / help

It's all been extremely helpful and educational.

There are A records for everything. For example gh-systems.com.zone names
ns3.intelli-media.com as NS, and in intelli-media.com.zone there is an A
record for ns3.

Most of today was wasted away fighting with an Exchange 2000 server - still
unresolved, so I didn't have much time to work on the DNS stuff.
Interestingly the Exchange issues _might_ be DNS related and when looked at
from the generic mail server point of view, sort of on-topic too. Messages
local to the machine are moving, but _some_ to external domains have been
sitting in the queues; something along the lines that the messages were
rejected by the _receiving_ servers. An associate of mine suggested that
mail servers are doing reverse lookups on my box, which are failing. (And
would have had to have been put on a black-hole list for a bunch of them to
do it at the same time.) In the mail header the sending server is
imediaexch02.imedia.intelli-media.com, the MX record for intelli-media.com
points to email.intelli-media.com, the A record of which is
A reverse lookup on returns mail.mmp-inc.com (which is an
entry left from a previous ATX's customer) which doesn't match. I called up
ATX and asked them to change the reverse entry for to
imediaexch02.imedia.intelli-media.com, but the tech put in
imediaexch02.imedia.intelimedia.com, one of our other domains mistakenly!
This change has propagated somewhat over the 'net, but not fully yet. I
requested another change to imediaexch02.imedia.intelli-media.com but see no
hint of this yet. Found a cool site, <http://www.dnsstuff.com> in the
process though. Even if a reverse lookup on results in
imediaexch02.imedia.intelli-media.com, you can't do a forward lookup on
imediaexch02.imedia.intelli-media.com as the subdomain imedia's DNS is
purposely behind a firewall. I'm thinking now that I have to (1) force the
server to put email.intelli-media.com in the message headers, (2) leave
email.intelli-media.com resolving to as it is now, and (3)
have the ISP set the reverse mapping on to
email.intelli-media.com (instead of imediaexch02.imedia.intelli-media.com).

Back to the thread: As Tom said I am still trying to get it to work locally.
Based on all your input I am thinking it's a permissions problem as I just
chose to have BIND installed in the Red Hat OS installation, and then later,
as root, ftp'ed all the named files in place. Part of the reason I did this
(other parts being newbie ignorance) was that I hosed the some of the keys
up with "rndc-confgen -a" along the way. Didn't know about the user "named"

- Zake

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