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RE: [PLUG] Community Service Project

Title: RE: [PLUG] Community Service Project

Is that only a direct reference or also indirect reference?

By direct I mean 'PA State Police'
by indirect I mean 'State Police officer from PA'

or just reference it as 'a law enforcement officer from PA'

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>Subject: [PLUG] Community Service Project
>Well I talked to my boss today and he told me that there is a standing
>policy that the state police's name will not be used in any
>for any purpose.  He was not aware of it nor was I.
>So, where does that leave us?  I talked to Robert over at Team Children
>about this problem.  He had some good ideas and a different
>angle to try.
>I will be re-wording my letter and he will incorporate it in grant
>proposals.  I will indicate that I am in law enforcement, but not who I
>work for.  He believes that we'll have the money within six months.  I
>plan to have the letter off to Robert by the end of the week.
>I will continue to keep you all posted.  If you have any ideas
>please let
>me know.
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