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RE: [PLUG] Microsoft Run High School?

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 11:45, George Gallen wrote:
> no I wasn't referring to the students, I was referring to the school.
> Say, the Year book committee would rather use a Mac for typesetting 
> their yearbook, or the science dept would rather have a unix machine.

I wonder if they really looked into this or if this was a decision made
without due dilegence. Some how, I just can see this as being the *best*
or *right* choice. My head just spins thinking about the size of the IT
staff that is going to be needed to keep these machines running. If the
*CEO* is trying to run the schools like a business, he just made a very
costly mistake, IMHO.

Hrmm if a large it staff is needed, it might be good for some of us,
granted it's MS work, but it's still work. 

Well until the budget runs out on this project anyway.

Christopher Mann
Systems Administrator
Stonebridge Bank

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