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RE: [PLUG] Linux Printer Recommendation?

--> Check the PLUG archives.  I know there was a discussion about the HP
--> 1xxx Laserjets.
There was some good detail given then.

I have a HP Laser Jet 1200, it has USB, and supports Windows, Linux, and
Mac. Physically the printer feels like it'll break when you open anything on
it - like it wouldn't last a week in a classroom or a month in an office -
but so far for us it's been awesome. Cheapest price per page TCO I found; we
have an inkjet for color printing.

The wife prints directly to it from OS X via USB. Currently I am in the
process of setting up CUPS and Samba on Debian for Windows boxes on the LAN
to print to the 1200 over the parallel port.

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