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Re: [PLUG] Interesting Outsourcing Article...

On Fri, 2003-09-12 at 12:57, Eugene Smiley wrote:
> I agree with all three statements, but it would be nice to feel like I
> can get involved even if it means wearing a sandwich board and a
> tin-foil hat while screaming from a soap-box on a street corner...

I've read about some people starting to organize against the H-1b and
L-LB visas, I'm thinking it might a case of closing the door after the
horse has gotten out however. I was working for a company when they
decided to "test" outsourcing to India, we were told time and time again
that our jobs were safe. So they send a few of us over there to do some
training. While we were there, they did a whole re-org of the division.
After taking a look and putting two and two together, it was pretty
clear that we were doomed. I left first job offer I got. 3 months later,
the whole division was shut down. Last job, I was "hinted to" that what
they needed was a MS SQL developer, and not a *nix sysadmin. So I was
squeezed out of there as well, to be replaced by an H-1B. I just wish an
organization would rally around to stop the bleeding.

> Yesterday was my 4th wedding anniversary, and being unemployed 'twas
> not a happy anniversary.

Ye ouch, sorry to hear that.

> C'est la vie, eh?

For right now, I guess so. 

Christopher Mann
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