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Re: [PLUG] GNU Tools for Solaris

On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 03:16:23PM -0400, W. Chris Shank wrote:
> This is a continuation of last weeks post, Solaris 8 vs Linux on Sparc.
> I'm going forward with the Sol 8 install. So far so good. After this is
> done installing, the next step will be getting the GNU tools loaded, I
> assume they aren't included in the OS install. Then I'll need to get
> BIND installed and working.

Well, Solaris 9 ships with a CD-ROM that includes a lot of GNU
utilities (and their source, relax) compiled using the Sun compiler,
built into relocatable Sun packages (though letting them be
installed in the default /opt/sfw makes plenty of sense). That works
pretty well. And it's the reason I suggested you use Solaris 9,
rather than 8, earlier.

The list of packages on that CD-ROM is attached, as reference.

> If anyone can point me to a download site for precompiled binaries of
> these tools, that would be great.

They install forcefully into /usr/local and are frequently out of
date. (See why I like Sun's better?)

> Otherwise, pointers on getting it compiled and installed are the
> next best thing.

Well, if you're brave, go bootstrap gcc. It's INSTALL document tells
you how, last I checked. If not, get the sunfreeware version. Then
building should work fine.

(Or you could pay for Sun's compiler and produce smaller binaries
that ran faster. Sun's CC still makes far better sparc, especially
sparc64, code than GCC by a long shot. But it's pretty expensive.)

gabriel rosenkoetter
system      SFWa2ps        GNU a2ps - Any to PostScript filter
system      SFWaalib       aalib - ASCII Art Library
system      SFWaconf       autoconf - GNU autoconf
system      SFWafio        afio - manipulate archives and files
system      SFWamake       automake - GNU automake
system      SFWasclk       asclock - the AfterStep clock
system      SFWastep       afterstep - X11 window manager
system      SFWaufl        audiofile - audio library
system      SFWbdb         Berkeley DB - database library
system      SFWbison       GNU bison - a better yacc
system      SFWcdrec       cdrecord - record audio or data Compact Discs
system      SFWctags       ctags - Generate tag files for source code
system      SFWcvs         cvs - version control system
system      SFWdb1         Berkeley DB - database library
system      SFWddd         DDD - GNU Data Display Debugger
system      SFWdiffu       diffutils - GNU diffutils
system      SFWemacs       GNU Emacs - Editor
system      SFWenscr       GNU enscript - convert text files to PostScript
system      SFWesd         esound - The Enlightened Sound Daemon
system      SFWespk        Emacspeak - GNU Emacs text to speech
system      SFWespks       Emacspeak SS - GNU Emacs text to speech servers
system      SFWethrl       Ethereal - Interactively browse network traffic
system      SFWexpct       expect - programmed dialogue with programs
system      SFWfile        file - determine file type
system      SFWflex        GNU flex - a lex replacement
system      SFWfnlib       fnlib - X11 font rendering library
system      SFWftchm       Fetchmail - mail retrieval utility
system      SFWfttse       FreeTTS for Emacspeak - software text to speech synthesizer
system      SFWftype       Freetype - Free TrueType Rendering Engine
system      SFWfvwm        fvwm - X11 virtual window manager
system      SFWgawk        gawk - pattern scanning and processing language
system      SFWgbin        binutils - GNU binary utilities
system      SFWgcal        gcal - the GNU Gregorian calendar program
system      SFWgcc         gcc - GNU Compiler Collection
system      SFWgcmn        gcmn - Common GNU package
system      SFWgdb         gdb - GNU source-level debugger
system      SFWgfile       fileutils - GNU file management utilities
system      SFWgfind       findutils - GNU find utilities
system      SFWgimp        gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program
system      SFWglob        global - Source code tag system
system      SFWgm4         GNU m4 - macro processor
system      SFWgmake       gmake - GNU make
system      SFWgphto       gphoto - the GNU Digital Camera Program
system      SFWgplot       gnuplot - The Gnuplot Plotting Utility
system      SFWgroff       GNU groff - document formatting system
system      SFWgs          GNU Ghostscript - postscript interpreter
system      SFWgsfot       GNU Ghostscript Fonts - Other Fonts
system      SFWgsfst       GNU Ghostscript Fonts - Standard Fonts
system      SFWgtext       gtext - GNU text file processing utilities
system      SFWgtken       GTK - Theme Engines
system      SFWgtxt        GNU gettext - utilities for software localization
system      SFWguile       guile - GNUs Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension
system      SFWgv          Ghostview - An X11 user interface for ghostscript
system      SFWgvp         gv - a PostScript and PDF previewer
system      SFWimap        Imap - mail server daemon
system      SFWimlib       imlib - image loading and rendering library for X11
system      SFWispel       ispell - Interactive Spelling Checker
system      SFWjoe         joe - Joes Own Editor
system      SFWkde         KDE - X11 Windowing Environment
system      SFWkoff        KOffice - The KDE Office Suite
system      SFWlestf       LessTif - GNU LessTif Library
system      SFWlpcap       pcap - Packet Capture library
system      SFWlynx        lynx - cursor-based web browser
system      SFWmgck        ImageMagick - Image Manipulation Utilities and Libraries
system      SFWmpack       mpack - encode and decode MIME mail messages
system      SFWmpage       mpage - print multiple pages per sheet
system      SFWmpeg        MPEG Library - decode MPEG-1 video streams
system      SFWmpg12       mpg123 - real time MPEG audio player
system      SFWmutt        mutt - the mutt mail user agent
system      SFWmysql       mysql - MySQL Database Management System
system      SFWncur        ncurses - new curses library
system      SFWnmap        nmap - Network exploration and auditing utility
system      SFWnmh         nmh - new MH message system
system      SFWpftpd       ProFTPD - Professional FTP Daemon Server
system      SFWpine        Pine - Program for Internet News and Email
system      SFWplotu       GNU plotting utilities - libplot library and utilities
system      SFWprcml       procmail - mail processing package
system      SFWpy          Python - an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
system      SFWqt          Qt - C++ GUI framework
system      SFWrline       readline - library for editing command lines
system      SFWrpm         RPM - Red Hat Package Manager
system      SFWrsync       rsync - rcp replacement
system      SFWruby        ruby - the object-oriented interpreted scripting language
system      SFWrxvt        rxvt - ouR eXtended Virtual Terminal
system      SFWscrn        screen - screen manager
system      SFWsdic        Star Dictionary - online translation tool
system      SFWsdl         SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer library
system      SFWsed         GNU sed - streaming editor
system      SFWsgrep       sgrep - search a file for structured pattern
system      SFWshar        GNU shell archive utilities - includes gshar
system      SFWshutl       GNU shell programming utilities - includes gsleep, gdirname
system      SFWslang       S-Lang library - for S-Lang language
system      SFWslrn        slrn - An easy to use NNTP based newsreader
system      SFWsnort       snort - open source network intrusion detection system
system      SFWsquid       SQUID - web proxy cache
system      SFWsudo        Sudo - superuser do
system      SFWtclx        TclX - TCL Extensions
system      SFWtdmp        tcpdump - dump traffic on a network
system      SFWter         Freeware Terminal Information - terminfo files
system      SFWtop         top - display information about processes
system      SFWungif       libungif - library used with GIF files
system      SFWunwin       UnWindows - tools for low-vision users
system      SFWuudv        uudeview - a powerful decoder for binary files
system      SFWvim         vim - Vi IMproved
system      SFWvnc         vnc - Virtual Network Computing
system      SFWw3          W3 - GNU Emacs web browser
system      SFWwmkr        GNU WindowMaker - X11 Window Manager
system      SFWxaw3d       Xaw3d - Three-D Athena Widgets
system      SFWxcpus       xcpustate - display CPU states and statistics
system      SFWxfce        XFce - lightweight Desktop Environment
system      SFWxmacs       XEmacs - text editor
system      SFWxmcd        xmcd - Motif CD Audio Player
system      SFWxmms        xmms - X MultiMedia System
system      SFWxpdf        xpdf - Viewer for Portable Document Format files
system      SFWxpm         XPM library - store/retrieve X pixmaps to/from files
system      SFWxslt        libxslt - XSL Transformations library
system      SFWxterm       xterm - xterm supporting color
system      SFWzebra       zebra - GNU routing daemons

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