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Re: [PLUG] [OT] Where to get adapters for British outlets?

Stewart B. Lone wrote:
Stephen Gran wrote:

Hello all,

A friend of mine is going to move to scotland for a year or so, and he
is looking to pick up some adapters that will let him plug in his
American appliances into Scottish current.  It's my understanding that
they use plugs with little round pins instead of our bar pins, and that
they also use a different current supply, so that he would need not only
an interface change, but a real voltage converter.  Is this accurate, to
the best of anyone's knowledge?  If so, does anyone know where to pick a
bunch of these up?

Thanks all.

p.s. - Sorry for the OT, but it does involve plugging in a dual-boot
computer . . . :)

Also example "G" at this url is the previously mentioned "kettle" plug. This plug is analagous to the 3 prong plug ubiquitous in the US. Also found are 2 prong(round)outlets that are found a lot in bathrooms mainly for low current devices like electric shavers. Some of these also sense the required voltage, and deliver it. DONT try to plug a hair dryer into one of these.
Also, folks traveling to the UK are informed that the telephone system is electrically compatible with the US, which is true. However in the US the modem cable has the same phisical plug on both ends. Not so in the UK. The computer end is the same, but the wall jack has a different physical shape. I have few of these and would be happy to get one to you.

Stewart B Lone

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Please let me clarify my previous post. When I said that "kettle" plugs/outlets are analagous to US 3 prong plugs(what you see on the walls when you go into someones house)I neglected to state of course that the voltages would be different.
As for the modem cable, one end would be RJ11 and the other end an BT431A.

Stewart B Lone

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