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RE: [PLUG] Where to buy hobbyist electronics parts?

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--> The suggestions for parts sources are pretty much your best
--> bet.  If you want
--> to mix audio from three sources and then output to three
--> sources, you need
--> some kind of buffer amp/power amp combo.  Zener diodes are for voltage
--> regulation or over voltage protection.  I'll dig around and see
--> if I can find
--> any schematics for what you want to do.
--> HTH,
--> Tom

What I want is more like an audio KVM, than something for editing. I was
thinking about the diodes more to protect the different components from each
other. A schematic would be awesome!

http://www.allelectronics.com/ and http://www.mouser.com/ look like pretty
good sites, at least better than Radio Shack's - thanks everyone for those

--> > Future Active
--> > www.future-active.com
--> > locally out New Jersey 70 just past I-270 in Mt. Laurel.
--> CLOSED.  I have confirmed that the store on Rt. 70 is no longer an
--> electronics store.  I heard that all  Active stores in the US have been
--> closed.

Thanks for that update - in the minutes btwn those posts I was thinking of
going to check it out when next out that way.

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