Magnus Hedemark on Sat, 27 Sep 2003 19:34:06 -0400

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Re: [PLUG] Firewall Check (HUGE POST)

On Friday 26 September 2003 06:21 pm, Paul wrote:

> Please, scan me again.
> I made this attempt to limit pings to one per second.
> ACCEPT     icmp --  anywhere             anywhere           icmp
> echo-request limit: avg 1/sec burst 5

[root@tuna root]# ping -i .1
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=47 time=25.9 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=47 time=25.6 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=47 time=25.2 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=4 ttl=47 time=26.4 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=5 ttl=47 time=24.1 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=10 ttl=47 time=25.4 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=20 ttl=47 time=29.4 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=29 ttl=47 time=24.7 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=38 ttl=47 time=55.0 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=47 ttl=47 time=25.7 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=55 ttl=47 time=24.2 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=65 ttl=47 time=24.2 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=73 ttl=47 time=52.2 ms

So you can see an initial burst of 5/sec followed by roughly 1/sec getting 

When I started playing with the packet size, somewhere around 5k my pings were 
denied altogether so it looks like you have greatly improved that hole as 

> You should also see TCP 113 AUTH and UDP 53 DNS ports open now.

I see a *lot* more than that.  Though AUTH is actually showing up as *closed*.

Warning:  OS detection will be MUCH less reliable because we did not find at 
least 1 open and 1 closed TCP port
Interesting ports on (
(The 1644 ports scanned but not shown below are in state: filtered)
Port       State       Service
1/udp      open        tcpmux
2/udp      open        compressnet
3/udp      open        compressnet
4/udp      open        unknown
5/udp      open        rje
6/udp      open        unknown
7/udp      open        echo
8/udp      open        unknown
9/udp      open        discard
10/udp     open        unknown
11/udp     open        systat
12/udp     open        unknown
13/udp     open        daytime
14/udp     open        unknown
15/udp     open        unknown
16/udp     open        unknown
17/udp     open        qotd
18/udp     open        msp
19/udp     open        chargen
20/udp     open        ftp-data
21/udp     open        ftp
22/udp     open        ssh
23/udp     open        telnet
24/udp     open        priv-mail
25/udp     open        smtp
26/udp     open        unknown
27/udp     open        nsw-fe
28/udp     open        unknown
29/udp     open        msg-icp
30/udp     open        unknown
31/udp     open        msg-auth
32/udp     open        unknown
33/udp     open        dsp
34/udp     open        unknown
35/udp     open        priv-print
36/udp     open        unknown
37/udp     open        time
38/udp     open        rap
39/udp     open        rlp
40/udp     open        unknown
41/udp     open        graphics
42/udp     open        nameserver
43/udp     open        whois
44/udp     open        mpm-flags
45/udp     open        mpm
46/udp     open        mpm-snd
47/udp     open        ni-ftp
48/udp     open        auditd
49/udp     open        tacacs
50/udp     open        re-mail-ck
51/udp     open        la-maint
52/udp     open        xns-time
53/udp     open        domain
54/udp     open        xns-ch
55/udp     open        isi-gl
56/udp     open        xns-auth
57/udp     open        priv-term
58/udp     open        xns-mail
59/udp     open        priv-file
60/udp     open        unknown
61/udp     open        ni-mail
62/udp     open        acas
63/udp     open        via-ftp
64/udp     open        covia
65/udp     open        tacacs-ds
66/udp     open        sql*net
67/udp     closed      dhcpserver
68/udp     open        dhcpclient
69/udp     open        tftp
70/udp     open        gopher
71/udp     open        netrjs-1
72/udp     open        netrjs-2
73/udp     open        netrjs-3
74/udp     open        netrjs-4
75/udp     open        priv-dial
76/udp     open        deos
77/udp     open        priv-rje
78/udp     open        vettcp
79/udp     open        finger
80/udp     open        http
81/udp     open        hosts2-ns
82/udp     open        xfer
83/udp     open        mit-ml-dev
84/udp     open        ctf
85/udp     open        mit-ml-dev
86/udp     open        mfcobol
87/udp     open        unknown
88/udp     open        kerberos-sec
89/udp     open        su-mit-tg
90/udp     open        dnsix
91/udp     open        mit-dov
92/udp     open        npp
93/udp     open        dcp
94/udp     open        objcall
95/udp     open        supdup
96/udp     open        dixie
97/udp     open        swift-rvf
98/udp     open        tacnews
99/udp     open        metagram
100/udp    open        unknown
101/udp    open        hostname
102/udp    open        iso-tsap
103/udp    open        gppitnp
104/udp    open        acr-nema
105/udp    open        csnet-ns
106/udp    open        3com-tsmux
107/udp    open        rtelnet
108/udp    open        snagas
109/udp    open        pop-2
110/udp    open        pop-3
111/udp    open        sunrpc
112/udp    open        mcidas
113/udp    open        auth
114/udp    open        audionews
115/udp    open        sftp
116/udp    open        ansanotify
117/udp    open        uucp-path
118/udp    open        sqlserv
119/udp    open        nntp
120/udp    open        cfdptkt
121/udp    open        erpc
122/udp    open        smakynet
123/udp    open        ntp
124/udp    open        ansatrader
125/udp    open        locus-map
126/udp    open        unitary
127/udp    open        locus-con
128/udp    open        gss-xlicen
129/udp    open        pwdgen
130/udp    open        cisco-fna
131/udp    open        cisco-tna
132/udp    open        cisco-sys
133/udp    open        statsrv
134/udp    open        ingres-net
135/udp    open        loc-srv
136/udp    open        profile
137/udp    open        netbios-ns
138/udp    open        netbios-dgm
139/udp    open        netbios-ssn
140/udp    open        emfis-data
141/udp    open        emfis-cntl
142/udp    open        bl-idm
143/udp    open        imap2
144/udp    open        news
145/udp    open        uaac
146/udp    open        iso-tp0
147/udp    open        iso-ip
148/udp    open        cronus
149/udp    open        aed-512
150/udp    open        sql-net
151/udp    open        hems
152/udp    open        bftp
153/udp    open        sgmp
154/udp    open        netsc-prod
155/udp    open        netsc-dev
156/udp    open        sqlsrv
157/udp    open        knet-cmp
158/udp    open        pcmail-srv
159/udp    open        nss-routing
160/udp    open        sgmp-traps
161/udp    open        snmp
162/udp    open        snmptrap
163/udp    open        cmip-man
164/udp    open        smip-agent
165/udp    open        xns-courier
166/udp    open        s-net
167/udp    open        namp
168/udp    open        rsvd
169/udp    open        send
170/udp    open        print-srv
171/udp    open        multiplex
172/udp    open        cl-1
173/udp    open        xyplex-mux
174/udp    open        mailq
175/udp    open        vmnet
176/udp    open        genrad-mux
177/udp    open        xdmcp
178/udp    open        nextstep
179/udp    open        bgp
180/udp    open        ris
181/udp    open        unify
182/udp    open        audit
183/udp    open        ocbinder
184/udp    open        ocserver
185/udp    open        remote-kis
186/udp    open        kis
187/udp    open        aci
188/udp    open        mumps
189/udp    open        qft
190/udp    open        cacp
191/udp    open        prospero
192/udp    open        osu-nms
193/udp    open        srmp
194/udp    open        irc
195/udp    open        dn6-nlm-aud
196/udp    open        dn6-smm-red
197/udp    open        dls
198/udp    open        dls-mon
199/udp    open        smux
200/udp    open        src
201/udp    open        at-rtmp
202/udp    open        at-nbp
203/udp    open        at-3
204/udp    open        at-echo
205/udp    open        at-5
206/udp    open        at-zis
207/udp    open        at-7
208/udp    open        at-8
209/udp    open        tam
210/udp    open        z39.50
211/udp    open        914c-g
212/udp    open        anet
213/udp    open        ipx
214/udp    open        vmpwscs
215/udp    open        softpc
216/udp    open        atls
217/udp    open        dbase
218/udp    open        mpp
219/udp    open        uarps
220/udp    open        imap3
221/udp    open        fln-spx
222/udp    open        rsh-spx
223/udp    open        cdc
224/udp    open        unknown
225/udp    open        unknown
226/udp    open        unknown
227/udp    open        unknown
228/udp    open        unknown
229/udp    open        unknown
230/udp    open        unknown
231/udp    open        unknown
232/udp    open        unknown
233/udp    open        unknown
234/udp    open        unknown
235/udp    open        unknown
236/udp    open        unknown
237/udp    open        unknown
238/udp    open        unknown
239/udp    open        unknown
240/udp    open        unknown
241/udp    open        unknown
242/udp    open        direct
243/udp    open        sur-meas
244/udp    open        dayna
245/udp    open        link
246/udp    open        dsp3270
247/udp    open        subntbcst_tftp
248/udp    open        bhfhs
249/udp    open        unknown
250/udp    open        unknown
251/udp    open        unknown
252/udp    open        unknown
253/udp    open        unknown
254/udp    open        unknown
255/udp    open        unknown
256/udp    open        rap
257/udp    open        set
258/udp    open        yak-chat
259/udp    open        firewall1-rdp
260/udp    open        openport
261/udp    open        nsiiops
262/udp    open        arcisdms
263/udp    open        hdap
264/udp    open        FW1-or-bgmp
265/udp    open        unknown
266/udp    open        unknown
267/udp    open        unknown
268/udp    open        unknown
269/udp    open        unknown
270/udp    open        unknown
271/udp    open        unknown
272/udp    open        unknown
273/udp    open        unknown
274/udp    open        unknown
275/udp    open        unknown
276/udp    open        unknown
277/udp    open        unknown
278/udp    open        unknown
279/udp    open        unknown
280/udp    open        http-mgmt
281/udp    open        personal-link
282/udp    open        cableport-ax
283/udp    open        unknown
284/udp    open        unknown
285/udp    open        unknown
286/udp    open        unknown
287/udp    open        unknown
288/udp    open        unknown
289/udp    open        unknown
290/udp    open        unknown
291/udp    open        unknown
292/udp    open        unknown
293/udp    open        unknown
294/udp    open        unknown
295/udp    open        unknown
296/udp    open        unknown
297/udp    open        unknown
298/udp    open        unknown
299/udp    open        unknown
300/udp    open        unknown
301/udp    open        unknown
302/udp    open        unknown
303/udp    open        unknown
304/udp    open        unknown
305/udp    open        unknown
306/udp    open        unknown
307/udp    open        unknown
308/udp    open        novastorbakcup
309/udp    open        entrusttime
310/udp    open        bhmds
311/udp    open        asip-webadmin
312/udp    open        vslmp
313/udp    open        magenta-logic
314/udp    open        opalis-robot
315/udp    open        dpsi
316/udp    open        decauth
317/udp    open        zannet
318/udp    open        unknown
319/udp    open        unknown
320/udp    open        unknown
321/udp    open        pip
322/udp    open        unknown
323/udp    open        unknown
324/udp    open        unknown
325/udp    open        unknown
326/udp    open        unknown
327/udp    open        unknown
328/udp    open        unknown
329/udp    open        unknown
330/udp    open        unknown
331/udp    open        unknown
332/udp    open        unknown
333/udp    open        unknown
334/udp    open        unknown
335/udp    open        unknown
336/udp    open        unknown
337/udp    open        unknown
338/udp    open        unknown
339/udp    open        unknown
340/udp    open        unknown
341/udp    open        unknown
342/udp    open        unknown
343/udp    open        unknown
344/udp    open        pdap
345/udp    open        pawserv
346/udp    open        zserv
347/udp    open        fatserv
348/udp    open        csi-sgwp
349/udp    open        mftp
350/udp    open        matip-type-a
351/udp    open        matip-type-b
352/udp    open        dtag-ste-sb
353/udp    open        ndsauth
354/udp    open        bh611
355/udp    open        datex-asn
356/udp    open        cloanto-net-1
357/udp    open        bhevent
358/udp    open        shrinkwrap
359/udp    open        tenebris_nts
360/udp    open        scoi2odialog
361/udp    open        semantix
362/udp    open        srssend
363/udp    open        rsvp_tunnel
364/udp    open        aurora-cmgr
365/udp    open        dtk
366/udp    open        odmr
367/udp    open        mortgageware
368/udp    open        qbikgdp
369/udp    open        rpc2portmap
370/udp    open        codaauth2
371/udp    open        clearcase
372/udp    open        ulistserv
373/udp    open        legent-1
374/udp    open        legent-2
375/udp    open        hassle
376/udp    open        nip
377/udp    open        tnETOS
378/udp    open        dsETOS
379/udp    open        is99c
380/udp    open        is99s
381/udp    open        hp-collector
382/udp    open        hp-managed-node
383/udp    open        hp-alarm-mgr
384/udp    open        arns
385/udp    open        ibm-app
386/udp    open        asa
387/udp    open        aurp
388/udp    open        unidata-ldm
389/udp    open        ldap
390/udp    open        uis
391/udp    open        synotics-relay
392/udp    open        synotics-broker
393/udp    open        dis
394/udp    open        embl-ndt
395/udp    open        netcp
396/udp    open        netware-ip
397/udp    open        mptn
398/udp    open        kryptolan
399/udp    open        iso-tsap-c2
400/udp    open        work-sol
401/udp    open        ups
402/udp    open        genie
403/udp    open        decap
404/udp    open        nced
405/udp    open        ncld
406/udp    open        imsp
407/udp    open        timbuktu
408/udp    open        prm-sm
409/udp    open        prm-nm
410/udp    open        decladebug
411/udp    open        rmt
412/udp    open        synoptics-trap
413/udp    open        smsp
414/udp    open        infoseek
415/udp    open        bnet
416/udp    open        silverplatter
417/udp    open        onmux
418/udp    open        hyper-g
419/udp    open        ariel1
420/udp    open        smpte
421/udp    open        ariel2
422/udp    open        ariel3
423/udp    open        opc-job-start
424/udp    open        opc-job-track
425/udp    open        icad-el
426/udp    open        smartsdp
427/udp    open        svrloc
428/udp    open        ocs_cmu
429/udp    open        ocs_amu
430/udp    open        utmpsd
431/udp    open        utmpcd
432/udp    open        iasd
433/udp    open        nnsp
434/udp    open        mobileip-agent
435/udp    open        mobilip-mn
436/udp    open        dna-cml
437/udp    open        comscm
438/udp    open        dsfgw
439/udp    open        dasp
440/udp    open        sgcp
441/udp    open        decvms-sysmgt
442/udp    open        cvc_hostd
443/udp    open        https
444/udp    open        snpp
445/udp    closed      microsoft-ds
446/udp    open        ddm-rdb
447/udp    open        ddm-dfm
448/udp    open        ddm-ssl
449/udp    open        as-servermap
450/udp    open        tserver
451/udp    open        sfs-smp-net
452/udp    open        sfs-config
453/udp    open        creativeserver
454/udp    open        contentserver
455/udp    open        creativepartnr
456/udp    open        macon-udp
457/udp    open        scohelp
458/udp    open        appleqtc
459/udp    open        ampr-rcmd
460/udp    open        skronk
461/udp    open        datasurfsrv
462/udp    open        datasurfsrvsec
463/udp    open        alpes
464/udp    open        kpasswd5
465/udp    open        smtps
466/udp    open        digital-vrc
467/udp    open        mylex-mapd
468/udp    open        photuris
469/udp    open        rcp
470/udp    open        scx-proxy
471/udp    open        mondex
472/udp    open        ljk-login
473/udp    open        hybrid-pop
474/udp    open        tn-tl-w2
475/udp    open        tcpnethaspsrv
476/udp    open        tn-tl-fd1
477/udp    open        ss7ns
478/udp    open        spsc
479/udp    open        iafserver
480/udp    open        iafdbase
481/udp    open        ph
482/udp    open        xlog
483/udp    open        ulpnet
484/udp    open        integra-sme
485/udp    open        powerburst
486/udp    open        avian
487/udp    open        saft
488/udp    open        gss-http
489/udp    open        nest-protocol
490/udp    open        micom-pfs
491/udp    open        go-login
492/udp    open        ticf-1
493/udp    open        ticf-2
494/udp    open        pov-ray
495/udp    open        intecourier
496/udp    open        pim-rp-disc
497/udp    open        dantz
498/udp    open        siam
499/udp    open        iso-ill
500/udp    open        isakmp
501/udp    open        stmf
502/udp    open        asa-appl-proto
503/udp    open        intrinsa
504/udp    open        citadel
505/udp    open        mailbox-lm
506/udp    open        ohimsrv
507/udp    open        crs
508/udp    open        xvttp
509/udp    open        snare
510/udp    open        fcp
511/udp    open        passgo
512/udp    open        biff
513/udp    open        who
514/udp    open        syslog
515/udp    open        printer
516/udp    open        videotex
517/udp    open        talk
518/udp    open        ntalk
519/udp    open        utime
520/udp    open        route
521/udp    open        ripng
522/udp    open        ulp
523/udp    open        ibm-db2
524/udp    open        ncp
525/udp    open        timed
526/udp    open        tempo
527/udp    open        stx
528/udp    open        custix
529/udp    open        irc-serv
530/udp    open        courier
531/udp    open        conference
532/udp    open        netnews
533/udp    open        netwall
534/udp    open        mm-admin
535/udp    open        iiop
536/udp    open        opalis-rdv
537/udp    open        nmsp
538/udp    open        gdomap
539/udp    open        apertus-ldp
540/udp    open        uucp
541/udp    open        uucp-rlogin
542/udp    open        commerce
543/udp    open        klogin
544/udp    open        kshell
545/udp    open        appleqtcsrvr
546/udp    open        dhcpv6-client
547/udp    open        dhcpv6-server
548/udp    open        afpovertcp
549/udp    open        idfp
550/udp    open        new-rwho
551/udp    open        cybercash
552/udp    open        deviceshare
553/udp    open        pirp
554/udp    open        rtsp
555/udp    open        dsf
556/udp    open        remotefs
557/udp    open        openvms-sysipc
558/udp    open        sdnskmp
559/udp    open        teedtap
560/udp    open        rmonitor
561/udp    open        monitor
562/udp    open        chshell
563/udp    open        snews
564/udp    open        9pfs
565/udp    open        whoami
566/udp    open        unknown
567/udp    open        banyan-rpc
568/udp    open        ms-shuttle
569/udp    open        ms-rome
570/udp    open        meter
571/udp    open        umeter
572/udp    open        sonar
573/udp    open        banyan-vip
574/udp    open        ftp-agent
575/udp    open        vemmi
576/udp    open        ipcd
577/udp    open        vnas
578/udp    open        ipdd
579/udp    open        decbsrv
580/udp    open        sntp-heartbeat
581/udp    open        bdp
582/udp    open        scc-security
583/udp    open        philips-vc
584/udp    open        keyserver
585/udp    open        imap4-ssl
586/udp    open        password-chg
587/udp    open        submission
588/udp    open        cal
589/udp    open        eyelink
590/udp    open        tns-cml
591/udp    open        http-alt
592/udp    open        eudora-set
593/udp    open        http-rpc-epmap
594/udp    open        tpip
595/udp    open        cab-protocol
596/udp    open        smsd
597/udp    open        ptcnameservice
598/udp    open        sco-websrvrmg3
599/udp    open        acp
600/udp    open        ipcserver
601/udp    open        unknown
602/udp    open        unknown
603/udp    open        unknown
604/udp    open        unknown
605/udp    open        unknown
606/udp    open        urm
607/udp    open        nqs
608/udp    open        sift-uft
609/udp    open        npmp-trap
610/udp    open        npmp-local
611/udp    open        npmp-gui
612/udp    open        unknown
613/udp    open        unknown
614/udp    open        unknown
615/udp    open        unknown
616/udp    open        unknown
617/udp    open        sco-dtmgr
618/udp    open        unknown
619/udp    open        unknown
620/udp    open        unknown
621/udp    open        unknown
622/udp    open        unknown
623/udp    open        unknown
624/udp    open        unknown
625/udp    open        unknown
626/udp    open        unknown
627/udp    open        unknown
628/udp    open        unknown
629/udp    open        unknown
630/udp    open        unknown
631/udp    open        unknown
632/udp    open        unknown
633/udp    open        unknown
634/udp    open        ginad
635/udp    open        mount
636/udp    open        unknown
637/udp    open        lanserver
638/udp    open        unknown
639/udp    open        unknown
640/udp    open        pcnfs
641/udp    open        unknown
642/udp    open        unknown
643/udp    open        unknown
644/udp    open        unknown
645/udp    open        unknown
646/udp    open        unknown
647/udp    open        unknown
648/udp    open        unknown
649/udp    open        unknown
650/udp    open        bwnfs
651/udp    open        unknown
652/udp    open        unknown
653/udp    open        unknown
654/udp    open        unknown
655/udp    open        unknown
656/udp    open        unknown
657/udp    open        unknown
658/udp    open        unknown
659/udp    open        unknown
660/udp    open        mac-srvr-admin
661/udp    open        unknown
662/udp    open        unknown
663/udp    open        unknown
664/udp    open        unknown
665/udp    open        unknown
666/udp    open        doom
667/udp    open        unknown
668/udp    open        unknown
669/udp    open        unknown
670/udp    open        unknown
671/udp    open        unknown
672/udp    open        unknown
673/udp    open        unknown
674/udp    open        unknown
675/udp    open        unknown
676/udp    open        unknown
677/udp    open        unknown
678/udp    open        unknown
679/udp    open        unknown
680/udp    open        unknown
681/udp    open        unknown
682/udp    open        unknown
683/udp    open        unknown
684/udp    open        unknown
685/udp    open        unknown
686/udp    open        unknown
687/udp    open        unknown
688/udp    open        unknown
689/udp    open        unknown
690/udp    open        unknown
691/udp    open        unknown
692/udp    open        unknown
693/udp    open        unknown
694/udp    open        unknown
695/udp    open        unknown
696/udp    open        unknown
697/udp    open        unknown
698/udp    open        unknown
699/udp    open        unknown
700/udp    open        unknown
701/udp    open        unknown
702/udp    open        unknown
703/udp    open        unknown
704/udp    open        elcsd
705/udp    open        unknown
706/udp    open        unknown
707/udp    open        unknown
708/udp    open        unknown
709/udp    open        entrustmanager
710/udp    open        unknown
711/udp    open        unknown
712/udp    open        unknown
713/udp    open        unknown
714/udp    open        unknown
715/udp    open        unknown
716/udp    open        unknown
717/udp    open        unknown
718/udp    open        unknown
719/udp    open        unknown
720/udp    open        unknown
721/udp    open        unknown
722/udp    open        unknown
723/udp    open        unknown
724/udp    open        unknown
725/udp    open        unknown
726/udp    open        unknown
727/udp    open        unknown
728/udp    open        unknown
729/udp    open        netviewdm1
730/udp    open        netviewdm2
731/udp    open        netviewdm3
732/udp    open        unknown
733/udp    open        unknown
734/udp    open        unknown
735/udp    open        unknown
736/udp    open        unknown
737/udp    open        sometimes-rpc2
738/udp    open        unknown
739/udp    open        unknown
740/udp    open        netcp
741/udp    open        netgw
742/udp    open        netrcs
743/udp    open        unknown
744/udp    open        flexlm
745/udp    open        unknown
746/udp    open        unknown
747/udp    open        fujitsu-dev
748/udp    open        ris-cm
749/udp    open        kerberos-adm
750/udp    open        kerberos
751/udp    open        kerberos_master
752/udp    open        qrh
753/udp    open        rrh
754/udp    open        unknown
755/udp    open        unknown
756/udp    open        unknown
757/udp    open        unknown
758/udp    open        nlogin
759/udp    open        con
760/udp    open        ns
761/udp    open        rxe
762/udp    open        quotad
763/udp    open        cycleserv
764/udp    open        omserv
765/udp    open        webster
766/udp    open        unknown
767/udp    open        phonebook
768/udp    open        unknown
769/udp    open        vid
770/udp    open        cadlock
771/udp    open        rtip
772/udp    open        cycleserv2
773/udp    open        notify
774/udp    open        acmaint_dbd
775/udp    open        acmaint_transd
776/udp    open        wpages
777/udp    open        unknown
778/udp    open        unknown
779/udp    open        unknown
780/udp    open        wpgs
781/udp    open        hp-collector
782/udp    open        hp-managed-node
783/udp    open        hp-alarm-mgr
784/udp    open        unknown
785/udp    open        unknown
786/udp    open        concert
787/udp    open        unknown
788/udp    open        unknown
789/udp    open        unknown
790/udp    open        unknown
791/udp    open        unknown
792/udp    open        unknown
793/udp    open        unknown
794/udp    open        unknown
795/udp    open        unknown
796/udp    open        unknown
797/udp    open        unknown
798/udp    open        unknown
799/udp    open        unknown
800/udp    open        mdbs_daemon
801/udp    open        device
802/udp    open        unknown
803/udp    open        unknown
804/udp    open        unknown
805/udp    open        unknown
806/udp    open        unknown
807/udp    open        unknown
808/udp    open        unknown
809/udp    open        unknown
810/udp    open        unknown
811/udp    open        unknown
812/udp    open        unknown
813/udp    open        unknown
814/udp    open        unknown
815/udp    open        unknown
816/udp    open        unknown
817/udp    open        unknown
818/udp    open        unknown
819/udp    open        unknown
820/udp    open        unknown
821/udp    open        unknown
822/udp    open        unknown
823/udp    open        unknown
824/udp    open        unknown
825/udp    open        unknown
826/udp    open        unknown
827/udp    open        unknown
828/udp    open        unknown
829/udp    open        unknown
830/udp    open        unknown
831/udp    open        unknown
832/udp    open        unknown
833/udp    open        unknown
834/udp    open        unknown
835/udp    open        unknown
836/udp    open        unknown
837/udp    open        unknown
838/udp    open        unknown
839/udp    open        unknown
840/udp    open        unknown
841/udp    open        unknown
842/udp    open        unknown
843/udp    open        unknown
844/udp    open        unknown
845/udp    open        unknown
846/udp    open        unknown
847/udp    open        unknown
848/udp    open        unknown
849/udp    open        unknown
850/udp    open        unknown
851/udp    open        unknown
852/udp    open        unknown
853/udp    open        unknown
854/udp    open        unknown
855/udp    open        unknown
856/udp    open        unknown
857/udp    open        unknown
858/udp    open        unknown
859/udp    open        unknown
860/udp    open        unknown
861/udp    open        unknown
862/udp    open        unknown
863/udp    open        unknown
864/udp    open        unknown
865/udp    open        unknown
866/udp    open        unknown
867/udp    open        unknown
868/udp    open        unknown
869/udp    open        unknown
870/udp    open        unknown
871/udp    open        unknown
872/udp    open        unknown
873/udp    open        unknown
874/udp    open        unknown
875/udp    open        unknown
876/udp    open        unknown
877/udp    open        unknown
878/udp    open        unknown
879/udp    open        unknown
880/udp    open        unknown
881/udp    open        unknown
882/udp    open        unknown
883/udp    open        unknown
884/udp    open        unknown
885/udp    open        unknown
886/udp    open        unknown
887/udp    open        unknown
888/udp    open        accessbuilder
889/udp    open        unknown
890/udp    open        unknown
891/udp    open        unknown
892/udp    open        unknown
893/udp    open        unknown
894/udp    open        unknown
895/udp    open        unknown
896/udp    open        unknown
897/udp    open        unknown
898/udp    open        unknown
899/udp    open        unknown
900/udp    open        unknown
901/udp    open        unknown
902/udp    open        unknown
903/udp    open        unknown
904/udp    open        unknown
905/udp    open        unknown
906/udp    open        unknown
907/udp    open        unknown
908/udp    open        unknown
909/udp    open        unknown
910/udp    open        unknown
911/udp    open        unknown
912/udp    open        unknown
913/udp    open        unknown
914/udp    open        unknown
915/udp    open        unknown
916/udp    open        unknown
917/udp    open        unknown
918/udp    open        unknown
919/udp    open        unknown
920/udp    open        unknown
921/udp    open        unknown
922/udp    open        unknown
923/udp    open        unknown
924/udp    open        unknown
925/udp    open        unknown
926/udp    open        unknown
927/udp    open        unknown
928/udp    open        unknown
929/udp    open        unknown
930/udp    open        unknown
931/udp    open        unknown
932/udp    open        unknown
933/udp    open        unknown
934/udp    open        unknown
935/udp    open        unknown
936/udp    open        unknown
937/udp    open        unknown
938/udp    open        unknown
939/udp    open        unknown
940/udp    open        unknown
941/udp    open        unknown
942/udp    open        unknown
943/udp    open        unknown
944/udp    open        unknown
945/udp    open        unknown
946/udp    open        unknown
947/udp    open        unknown
948/udp    open        unknown
949/udp    open        unknown
950/udp    open        unknown
951/udp    open        unknown
952/udp    open        unknown
953/udp    open        unknown
954/udp    open        unknown
955/udp    open        unknown
956/udp    open        unknown
957/udp    open        unknown
958/udp    open        unknown
959/udp    open        unknown
960/udp    open        unknown
961/udp    open        unknown
962/udp    open        unknown
963/udp    open        unknown
964/udp    open        unknown
965/udp    open        unknown
966/udp    open        unknown
967/udp    open        unknown
968/udp    open        unknown
969/udp    open        unknown
970/udp    open        unknown
971/udp    open        unknown
972/udp    open        unknown
973/udp    open        unknown
974/udp    open        unknown
975/udp    open        unknown
976/udp    open        unknown
977/udp    open        unknown
978/udp    open        unknown
979/udp    open        unknown
980/udp    open        unknown
981/udp    open        unknown
982/udp    open        unknown
983/udp    open        unknown
984/udp    open        unknown
985/udp    open        unknown
986/udp    open        unknown
987/udp    open        unknown
988/udp    open        unknown
989/udp    open        unknown
990/udp    open        unknown
991/udp    open        unknown
992/udp    open        unknown
993/udp    open        unknown
994/udp    open        unknown
995/udp    open        unknown
996/udp    open        vsinet
997/udp    open        maitrd
998/udp    open        puparp
999/udp    open        applix
1000/udp   open        ock
1001/udp   open        unknown
1002/udp   open        unknown
1003/udp   open        unknown
1004/udp   open        unknown
1005/udp   open        unknown
1006/udp   open        unknown
1007/udp   open        unknown
1008/udp   open        ufsd
1009/udp   open        unknown
1010/udp   open        unknown
1011/udp   open        unknown
1012/udp   open        sometimes-rpc1
1013/udp   open        unknown
1014/udp   open        unknown
1015/udp   open        unknown
1016/udp   open        unknown
1017/udp   open        unknown
1018/udp   open        unknown
1019/udp   open        unknown
1020/udp   open        unknown
1021/udp   open        unknown
1022/udp   open        unknown
1023/udp   open        unknown
1024/udp   open        unknown
1025/udp   open        blackjack
1028/udp   open        ms-lsa
1030/udp   open        iad1
1031/udp   open        iad2
1032/udp   open        iad3
1058/udp   open        nim
1059/udp   open        nimreg
1067/udp   open        instl_boots
1068/udp   open        instl_bootc
1080/udp   open        socks
1083/udp   open        ansoft-lm-1
1084/udp   open        ansoft-lm-2
1110/udp   open        nfsd-keepalive
1155/udp   open        nfa
1167/udp   open        phone
1212/udp   open        lupa
1222/udp   open        nerv
1248/udp   open        hermes
1346/udp   open        alta-ana-lm
1347/udp   open        bbn-mmc
1348/udp   open        bbn-mmx
1349/udp   open        sbook
1350/udp   open        editbench
1351/udp   open        equationbuilder
1352/udp   open        lotusnotes
1353/udp   open        relief
1354/udp   open        rightbrain
1355/udp   open        intuitive-edge
1356/udp   open        cuillamartin
1357/udp   open        pegboard
1358/udp   open        connlcli
1359/udp   open        ftsrv
1360/udp   open        mimer
1361/udp   open        linx
1362/udp   open        timeflies
1363/udp   open        ndm-requester
1364/udp   open        ndm-server
1365/udp   open        adapt-sna
1366/udp   open        netware-csp
1367/udp   open        dcs
1368/udp   open        screencast
1369/udp   open        gv-us
1370/udp   open        us-gv
1371/udp   open        fc-cli
1372/udp   open        fc-ser
1373/udp   open        chromagrafx
1374/udp   open        molly
1375/udp   open        bytex
1376/udp   open        ibm-pps
1377/udp   open        cichlid
1378/udp   open        elan
1379/udp   open        dbreporter
1380/udp   open        telesis-licman
1381/udp   open        apple-licman
1383/udp   open        gwha
1384/udp   open        os-licman
1385/udp   open        atex_elmd
1386/udp   open        checksum
1387/udp   open        cadsi-lm
1388/udp   open        objective-dbc
1389/udp   open        iclpv-dm
1390/udp   open        iclpv-sc
1391/udp   open        iclpv-sas
1392/udp   open        iclpv-pm
1393/udp   open        iclpv-nls
1394/udp   open        iclpv-nlc
1395/udp   open        iclpv-wsm
1396/udp   open        dvl-activemail
1397/udp   open        audio-activmail
1398/udp   open        video-activmail
1399/udp   open        cadkey-licman
1400/udp   open        cadkey-tablet
1401/udp   open        goldleaf-licman
1402/udp   open        prm-sm-np
1403/udp   open        prm-nm-np
1404/udp   open        igi-lm
1405/udp   open        ibm-res
1406/udp   open        netlabs-lm
1407/udp   open        dbsa-lm
1408/udp   open        sophia-lm
1409/udp   open        here-lm
1410/udp   open        hiq
1411/udp   open        af
1412/udp   open        innosys
1413/udp   open        innosys-acl
1414/udp   open        ibm-mqseries
1415/udp   open        dbstar
1416/udp   open        novell-lu6.2
1417/udp   open        timbuktu-srv1
1418/udp   open        timbuktu-srv2
1419/udp   open        timbuktu-srv3
1420/udp   open        timbuktu-srv4
1421/udp   open        gandalf-lm
1422/udp   open        autodesk-lm
1423/udp   open        essbase
1424/udp   open        hybrid
1425/udp   open        zion-lm
1426/udp   open        sas-1
1427/udp   open        mloadd
1428/udp   open        informatik-lm
1429/udp   open        nms
1430/udp   open        tpdu
1431/udp   open        rgtp
1432/udp   open        blueberry-lm
1433/udp   open        ms-sql-s
1434/udp   open        ms-sql-m
1435/udp   open        ibm-cics
1436/udp   open        sas-2
1437/udp   open        tabula
1438/udp   open        eicon-server
1439/udp   open        eicon-x25
1440/udp   open        eicon-slp
1441/udp   open        cadis-1
1442/udp   open        cadis-2
1443/udp   open        ies-lm
1444/udp   open        marcam-lm
1445/udp   open        proxima-lm
1446/udp   open        ora-lm
1447/udp   open        apri-lm
1448/udp   open        oc-lm
1449/udp   open        peport
1450/udp   open        dwf
1451/udp   open        infoman
1452/udp   open        gtegsc-lm
1453/udp   open        genie-lm
1454/udp   open        interhdl_elmd
1455/udp   open        esl-lm
1456/udp   open        dca
1457/udp   open        valisys-lm
1458/udp   open        nrcabq-lm
1459/udp   open        proshare1
1460/udp   open        proshare2
1461/udp   open        ibm_wrless_lan
1462/udp   open        world-lm
1463/udp   open        nucleus
1464/udp   open        msl_lmd
1465/udp   open        pipes
1466/udp   open        oceansoft-lm
1467/udp   open        csdmbase
1468/udp   open        csdm
1469/udp   open        aal-lm
1470/udp   open        uaiact
1471/udp   open        csdmbase
1472/udp   open        csdm
1473/udp   open        openmath
1474/udp   open        telefinder
1475/udp   open        taligent-lm
1476/udp   open        clvm-cfg
1477/udp   open        ms-sna-server
1478/udp   open        ms-sna-base
1479/udp   open        dberegister
1480/udp   open        pacerforum
1481/udp   open        airs
1482/udp   open        miteksys-lm
1483/udp   open        afs
1484/udp   open        confluent
1485/udp   open        lansource
1486/udp   open        nms_topo_serv
1487/udp   open        localinfosrvr
1488/udp   open        docstor
1489/udp   open        dmdocbroker
1490/udp   open        insitu-conf
1491/udp   open        anynetgateway
1492/udp   open        stone-design-1
1493/udp   open        netmap_lm
1494/udp   open        citrix-ica
1495/udp   open        cvc
1496/udp   open        liberty-lm
1497/udp   open        rfx-lm
1498/udp   open        watcom-sql
1499/udp   open        fhc
1500/udp   open        vlsi-lm
1501/udp   open        sas-3
1502/udp   open        shivadiscovery
1503/udp   open        imtc-mcs
1504/udp   open        evb-elm
1505/udp   open        funkproxy
1506/udp   open        utcd
1507/udp   open        symplex
1508/udp   open        diagmond
1509/udp   open        robcad-lm
1510/udp   open        mvx-lm
1511/udp   open        3l-l1
1512/udp   open        wins
1513/udp   open        fujitsu-dtc
1514/udp   open        fujitsu-dtcns
1515/udp   open        ifor-protocol
1516/udp   open        vpad
1517/udp   open        vpac
1518/udp   open        vpvd
1519/udp   open        vpvc
1520/udp   open        atm-zip-office
1521/udp   open        ncube-lm
1522/udp   open        rna-lm
1523/udp   open        cichild-lm
1524/udp   open        ingreslock
1525/udp   open        orasrv
1526/udp   open        pdap-np
1527/udp   open        tlisrv
1528/udp   open        mciautoreg
1529/udp   open        coauthor
1530/udp   open        rap-service
1531/udp   open        rap-listen
1532/udp   open        miroconnect
1533/udp   open        virtual-places
1534/udp   open        micromuse-lm
1535/udp   open        ampr-info
1536/udp   open        ampr-inter
1537/udp   open        sdsc-lm
1538/udp   open        3ds-lm
1539/udp   open        intellistor-lm
1540/udp   open        rds
1541/udp   open        rds2
1542/udp   open        gridgen-elmd
1543/udp   open        simba-cs
1544/udp   open        aspeclmd
1545/udp   open        vistium-share
1546/udp   open        abbaccuray
1547/udp   open        laplink
1548/udp   open        axon-lm
1549/udp   open        shivasound
1550/udp   open        3m-image-lm
1551/udp   open        hecmtl-db
1552/udp   open        pciarray
1600/udp   open        issd
1645/udp   open        radius
1646/udp   open        radacct
1650/udp   open        nkd
1651/udp   open        shiva_confsrvr
1652/udp   open        xnmp
1661/udp   open        netview-aix-1
1662/udp   open        netview-aix-2
1663/udp   open        netview-aix-3
1664/udp   open        netview-aix-4
1665/udp   open        netview-aix-5
1666/udp   open        netview-aix-6
1667/udp   open        netview-aix-7
1668/udp   open        netview-aix-8
1669/udp   open        netview-aix-9
1670/udp   open        netview-aix-10
1671/udp   open        netview-aix-11
1672/udp   open        netview-aix-12
1701/udp   open        L2TP
1812/udp   open        radius
1813/udp   open        radacct
1900/udp   open        UPnP
1986/udp   open        licensedaemon
1987/udp   open        tr-rsrb-p1
1988/udp   open        tr-rsrb-p2
1989/udp   open        tr-rsrb-p3
1990/udp   open        stun-p1
1991/udp   open        stun-p2
1992/udp   open        stun-p3
1993/udp   open        snmp-tcp-port
1994/udp   open        stun-port
1995/udp   open        perf-port
1996/udp   open        tr-rsrb-port
1997/udp   open        gdp-port
1998/udp   open        x25-svc-port
1999/udp   open        tcp-id-port
2000/udp   open        callbook
2001/udp   open        wizard
2002/udp   open        globe
2004/udp   open        emce
2005/udp   open        oracle
2006/udp   open        raid-cc
2007/udp   open        raid-am
2008/udp   open        terminaldb
2009/udp   open        whosockami
2010/udp   open        pipe_server
2011/udp   open        servserv
2012/udp   open        raid-ac
2013/udp   open        raid-cd
2014/udp   open        raid-sf
2015/udp   open        raid-cs
2016/udp   open        bootserver
2017/udp   open        bootclient
2018/udp   open        rellpack
2019/udp   open        about
2020/udp   open        xinupageserver
2021/udp   open        xinuexpansion1
2022/udp   open        xinuexpansion2
2023/udp   open        xinuexpansion3
2024/udp   open        xinuexpansion4
2025/udp   open        xribs
2026/udp   open        scrabble
2027/udp   open        shadowserver
2028/udp   open        submitserver
2030/udp   open        device2
2032/udp   open        blackboard
2033/udp   open        glogger
2034/udp   open        scoremgr
2035/udp   open        imsldoc
2038/udp   open        objectmanager
2040/udp   open        lam
2041/udp   open        interbase
2042/udp   open        isis
2043/udp   open        isis-bcast
2044/udp   open        rimsl
2045/udp   open        cdfunc
2046/udp   open        sdfunc
2047/udp   open        dls
2048/udp   open        dls-monitor
2049/udp   open        nfs
2065/udp   open        dlsrpn
2067/udp   open        dlswpn
2103/udp   open        zephyr-clt
2104/udp   open        zephyr-hm
2105/udp   open        eklogin
2106/udp   open        ekshell
2108/udp   open        rkinit
2201/udp   open        ats
2232/udp   open        ivs-video
2241/udp   open        ivsd
2307/udp   open        pehelp
2401/udp   open        cvspserver
2430/udp   open        venus
2431/udp   open        venus-se
2432/udp   open        codasrv
2433/udp   open        codasrv-se
2500/udp   open        rtsserv
2501/udp   open        rtsclient
2627/udp   open        webster
2784/udp   open        www-dev
3049/udp   open        cfs
3130/udp   open        squid-ipc
3141/udp   open        vmodem
3264/udp   open        ccmail
3333/udp   open        dec-notes
3401/udp   open        squid-snmp
3421/udp   open        bmap
3455/udp   open        prsvp
3456/udp   open        IISrpc-or-vat
3457/udp   open        vat-control
3900/udp   open        udt_os
3984/udp   open        mapper-nodemgr
3985/udp   open        mapper-mapethd
3986/udp   open        mapper-ws_ethd
3996/udp   open        remoteanything
3997/udp   open        remoteanything
3998/udp   open        remoteanything
4000/udp   open        icq
4008/udp   open        netcheque
4045/udp   open        lockd
4132/udp   open        nuts_dem
4133/udp   open        nuts_bootp
4321/udp   open        rwhois
4343/udp   open        unicall
4444/udp   open        krb524
4500/udp   open        sae-urn
4672/udp   open        rfa
4827/udp   open        squid-htcp
5000/udp   open        UPnP
5001/udp   open        commplex-link
5002/udp   open        rfe
5003/udp   open        filemaker
5010/udp   open        telelpathstart
5011/udp   open        telelpathattack
5050/udp   open        mmcc
5145/udp   open        rmonitor_secure
5190/udp   open        aol
5191/udp   open        aol-1
5192/udp   open        aol-2
5193/udp   open        aol-3
5236/udp   open        padl2sim
5300/udp   open        hacl-hb
5301/udp   open        hacl-gs
5302/udp   open        hacl-cfg
5303/udp   open        hacl-probe
5304/udp   open        hacl-local
5305/udp   open        hacl-test
5308/udp   open        cfengine
5500/udp   open        securid
5540/udp   open        sdxauthd
5555/udp   open        rplay
5632/udp   open        pcanywherestat
5713/udp   open        proshareaudio
5714/udp   open        prosharevideo
5715/udp   open        prosharedata
5716/udp   open        prosharerequest
5717/udp   open        prosharenotify
6110/udp   open        softcm
6111/udp   open        spc
6141/udp   open        meta-corp
6142/udp   open        aspentec-lm
6143/udp   open        watershed-lm
6144/udp   open        statsci1-lm
6145/udp   open        statsci2-lm
6146/udp   open        lonewolf-lm
6147/udp   open        montage-lm
6148/udp   open        ricardo-lm
6502/udp   open        netop-rc
6549/udp   open        PowerChutePLUS
6558/udp   open        xdsxdm
6969/udp   open        acmsoda
7000/udp   open        afs3-fileserver
7001/udp   open        afs3-callback
7002/udp   open        afs3-prserver
7003/udp   open        afs3-vlserver
7004/udp   open        afs3-kaserver
7005/udp   open        afs3-volser
7006/udp   open        afs3-errors
7007/udp   open        afs3-bos
7008/udp   open        afs3-update
7009/udp   open        afs3-rmtsys
7010/udp   open        ups-onlinet
7100/udp   open        font-service
7200/udp   open        fodms
7201/udp   open        dlip
7648/udp   open        cucme-1
7649/udp   open        cucme-2
7650/udp   open        cucme-3
7651/udp   open        cucme-4
9535/udp   open        man
9876/udp   open        sd
10080/udp  open        amanda
17007/udp  open        isode-dua
17185/udp  open        wdbrpc
18000/udp  open        biimenu
22370/udp  open        hpnpd
26000/udp  open        quake
26900/udp  open        hexen2
27015/udp  open        halflife
27444/udp  open        Trinoo_Bcast
27500/udp  open        quakeworld
27910/udp  open        quake2
27960/udp  open        quake3
28910/udp  open        heretic2
31335/udp  open        Trinoo_Register
31337/udp  open        BackOrifice
32770/udp  open        sometimes-rpc4
32771/udp  open        sometimes-rpc6
32772/udp  open        sometimes-rpc8
32773/udp  open        sometimes-rpc10
32774/udp  open        sometimes-rpc12
32775/udp  open        sometimes-rpc14
32776/udp  open        sometimes-rpc16
32777/udp  open        sometimes-rpc18
32778/udp  open        sometimes-rpc20
32779/udp  open        sometimes-rpc22
32780/udp  open        sometimes-rpc24
32786/udp  open        sometimes-rpc26
32787/udp  open        sometimes-rpc28
39213/udp  open        sygatefw
45000/udp  open        ciscopop
47557/udp  open        dbbrowse
54321/udp  open        bo2k
Too many fingerprints match this host to give specific OS details
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