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Re: [PLUG] Transfer REALLY large file(s) between Linux and OS X

I've had little success moving even a few hundred megs between linux and
os x via samba - same files between win2k and linux (linux is the samba
server in all these scenarios) work flawlessly.

Thank you everyone for your assistance. The questions regarding HFS and
HFS+ got me to thinking about the volume format. The disk i'm moving it
to was setup quite a long time ago - and i had forgotten that I wanted
to be able to plug it into a linux box as well as an OS X box (actually
was the same box - booted to linux or os x). Of course, I selected MSDOS
format (DOOH!!) thinking it would be the easiest format to work with
(HFS+ is not supported in linux - or at least it wasn't when i installed
this disk). So I beleive that is the root of my problem. I should have
checked the format first - I assumed it to be HFS+ and asked a mac guru
friend of mine about this as well - so he will likely beat me in person
- saving all of you them trouble :)

Thanks again for your help. I'll be sure to let you know if reformatting
as HFS+ solves this issue.

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 19:03, Tobias DiPasquale wrote:
> On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 18:58, Adam Turoff wrote:
> > Hm.  Maybe publishing the Linux volume over NFS or Samba might help.
> > The Finder should be 64-bit clean, so a drag copy should work.
> > 
> > But don't quote me on that.  ;-)
> > 
> > Z.
> That depends on what version of OS X you are running. Check this link
> for details on the bug in version prior to 10.2.2 that will not let that
> succeed.
> http://www.bresink.de/osx/DocsNFSManager/Notes.html
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