Mike Leone on 1 Mar 2004 02:57:04 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] How to combine 2 IDE drives into one ...

Aaron Mulder (ammulder@alumni.princeton.edu) had this to say on 02/27/04 at 23:35: 
> 	Don't forget to install a boot loader on hdb, or once you make it
> hda, you won't be able to boot.  Don't forget to turn off the mail server
> for the duration.  Make sure you apply the correct permissions to the new
> /tmp (if the copy process doesn't do that itself).  Don't forget to format
> the new swap partition.  You don't actually need to remove hdc; you can
> keep it around for the extra space and/or backup of /var.

Woke up Sat morning, to a screenful of "kernel panics" and "kernel could not
dereference pointers" and a bunch of other similarly horrifying messages.
And it would not boot, at all.

So I ended up installing clean onto a different hard drive, and - luckily
enough - was able to mount the old drive and copy off enough configuration
files and mail spool, etc, to get me back up (witness this email :-).

I did use that "pax" command and enough "chown -R/chgrp -R" commands, to
copy files and recursively set owner info.

So I am back up, at least for now. Next step is to pick up a CD-RW, and
figure out a script to write out those configs and mail spools to a backup

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