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Re: Fwd: Re: [PLUG] Adding a new HD

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Art Alexion wrote:
| LeRoy Cressy wrote:
|> | Now, a follow up question:  If I plan to install a new distro on the
|> | remaining 15 g, should I move /home first, or wait for the new
|> distro to

|> Why do you want to install a new distro?  Is the current distribution
|> broken?
| Current distribution is Red Hat 7.3; long in the tooth, but working
| well.  Still, won't work with some things I want to try.
| Want to install additional to see how new distro runs on this machine
| before trashing existing system.

Have you decided on the distribution?  Since you have a new 20G drive,
why not partition with separate partitions for / /usr /var /home
/usr/local /boot?  I prefer this way to protect the system from myself
and mount the system partitions as read only.  It makes upgrading a
little difficult because you have to remount /usr and /boot everytime
you upgrade, but with this scheme you cannot do something stupid as root
like rm -rf /* when you think that you are in as chroot enviroment.
That was one of the dumbest things I have ever done.

Another option is that you could divide the drive up into 3 partitions,
one for the home directory and the other two to check out what distro
you like best.  There is a lot more choices today than when we were
meeting at Mostafa's. on Walnut St.  This would create for you two
partitions to install the core distro with eash distro mounting the same
home directory partition. For a listing of the distributions that are
now available see http://www.linux.org/dist/list.html

Now there are more distributions than I want to count.

This way you can access the same home directory while seeing what distro
is best for you.

After you have decided what distro is best for you, you can erase the
partitons that you are not using and set them aside for other uses.
Also, all distros could be set up to access the same swap partition that
is currently being used.

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