ChrisB. on 1 Sep 2004 22:02:02 -0000

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[PLUG] For Sale: Dell PowerEdge Rack 2410

Hey Everyone,

Earlier in the week I asked a question regarding posting EBay auctions on
this list. It was mentioned to me that the best course of action would be to
just put up a price with a "Best offer" deal and see what happens. So in
that vein I offer the following item for sale:

Item: Dell PowerEdge Rack 2410
Price: $500, OBO

Exceptional reliability - Ventilated front and rear doors help optimize
airflow without additional fans to help maintain system reliability. And the
four solid casters, leveling feet, and bolt-down stabilization bracket also
help minimize disruptions due to excessive motion.

Security features - To help protect your valuable servers and peripherals,
Dell built key locks into the front and rear doors and side panels that are
easy to access and operate.

The Dell PowerEdge Rack 2410 is a cabinet offering all the efficiency
advantages and cost benefits of the PowerEdge 4210 in a more compact design
that's better suited for those space-constrained environments where a
shorter cabinet is the more appropriate choice.

If anyone has any questions or wants to make an offer please just email me
off list. Please also note that our office is located in Fort Washington PA
and you must be able to come pick it up. Thanks again for the tips on
posting this, it is much appreciated.


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