sean finney on 1 Sep 2004 22:37:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Anyone Install Gentoo on an Asus KV8-MAX w/SATA Raid?

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 01:52:16PM -0400, Kyle R. Burton wrote:
> I am going to try building the raid driver as a module (on another
> system), putting it on a floppy, booting off of the Live CD and trying
> to insmod it just to see if it'll recognize the array.

when you build it as a module, make sure you use exactly the same
kernel headers and symbols as what was used for the kernel on
that machine, as otherwise it won't insert.

> Something else I had though of was using an external USB HDD (or usb
> CF keyfob) and doing an initial gentoo install to it, using it to
> bootstrap onto the raid array.  Does anyone have any experience
> booting from these kinds of devices (external usb hdd or usb cf
> storage)?

since you have a really new motherboard, you can probably set your bios to
boot off of your usb stick without too much trouble, but then you're in
about the same position as you'd be with a live cd.

> Has anyone done an install on this kind of configuration?  What were
> your experiences?

i've had to do installs on machines where the hard drive (or raid) controller
wasn't recognized by the default kernel.  really, i think your best bet
is to get a custom compiled kernel with the support for the controller
card built in.  you could do a module too, but then you'd have to do
some voodoo with a custom initrd. 

does the installer recognize the hard drives if you manually insert the
module after booting from cdrom?  if so, you could probably install it
as normal, and then chroot into it to build/install your kernel, and
then reboot...

i'll be doing an install on an asus k8n-e deluxe in the next week
or two, so i'd be interested to hear your experiences.


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