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RE: [PLUG] Microsoft/Active Directory / RE: Maybe it's time for a FAQ? (was Re: [PLUG] I don't get it. What's the big deal with putting the response on top?) / Re: FW: [PLUG] More Gmail invites

--> On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 10:45:49PM -0400, Mike Leone wrote:
--> > > ok, I apologize for being confused; I forgot about NDS and
--> > > thought groupwise subsumed it (I just skimmed the manual, sue
--> > > me). MS-AD now includes the policy stuff too. so WTF is a
--> > > "forest", anyway, lol
--> >
--> > A forest is a collection of domain "trees", of course. :-)
--> To add to the misery: as far as I could figure out a Microsoft AD
--> "domain" is not *necessarily* a "domain" (like "phillylinux.org")
--> but it *could* be congruent.
--> Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!  Take a well defined term and redefine it
--> for their own.  Pretty much assures confusion.
--> Eric

FWIW, domain was redefined as per above back with NT4 and actually is now
just used in AD context for backwards compatibility, otherwise they are back
to normalish DNS structures along with more standard OUs and CNs. Likewise
MS went their own way for intra-mail server communications, and are now back
to SMTP for most everything.

Maybe some future version of Outlook will return to non-top contextual
posting :-)

Actually was just checking out conversations in gmail and it seems to
default to top posting too, but more ledgable as it hides headers and the
rest of the thread as a link where it can be toggled on and off.

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