PaulNM on 4 Sep 2004 18:13:01 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] mozilla locks up

Art Alexion wrote:
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... when retrieving mail.

Version 1.7. All of a sudden, it was reporting 23000+ messages in an inbox that really contained about 163. After restart, it reports the size properly, but locks up as soon as I do a mail check. Browser works fine and MUA works fine until I do a mail check. Is there a way to repair the inbox which is probably the problem?

First thing I would try is deleting any .msf files. You'll find them in ~/.(mozilladir)/(random salt)/Mail/(account name). They're the summery files for any mailboxes. Mozilla automatically regenerates them the next time you look in the folder. Obviously you don't want Moz running when mucking in its folders:)

If you still have problems, rename any Inbox* files to something else, then recreate the originals, except Inbox.msf. If there is an Inbox.sbd, then that is a folder, so you also want to recreate anything inside it as well.

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