Howard Bloom on 13 Sep 2004 06:29:04 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

Tobias DiPasquale wrote:
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> On Sep 12, 2004, at 7:51 PM, Howard Bloom wrote:
>> Many think people who want Linux are:
>> Nuts
>> Zealots
>> Kooks
> People who have this opinion are generally in the employ of, or
> directly benefit from the success of, Microsoft. 
>> Ed Begley drives an electric car - at his expense -
>> Costs more.
>> Doesn't go as far.
>> Little protection - too light
> I think you'll find that the safest cars to be in in an accident are
> mid-size sedans. Size does not necessarily equate to being safer in
> an accident. Plus, electric cars are not that light; check the
> battery weight. Like I said, worst analogy in history...   
>> He's making a point:  Why?
>> He is a zealot - kook - nuts -
> Is he nuts? He can afford it. That makes him eccentric, not nuts.
>> He could be driving a Volvo but chooses to sacrifice by driving some
>> crap electric car. 
>> Why is that so hard to understand as an analogy?
> Wouldn't be very hard at all if it a) were an analogy or b) made
> sense. 
>> I'm not willing to drive Linux until it is VOLVO like.
> I repeat: this is not your list. Find a Windows list and live happy.
> - --
> Tobias DiPasquale

Are you into fascism Tobias?  Do you know what it means?  Most people don't
and since this list is like a mini-government, fascism is a proper term to
use for your comment.  I sell Linux.  I sell my services to put Linux on
servers and setup business with Linux as the server OS - however, I'm not
going to fall lockstep into the LIST way of thinking as you suggest - I
don't have to find a Windows List because I'm on several.  But I'm glad to
point out that I am anti-fascist and while you would like to control my
thinking, I don't mind if you are single-minded on this issue.

You and others like you on this list are zealots - It's your way or the
highway I suppose - Well I choose to run Linux where I choose - not where
you choose it.  And while we are talking about automobiles - I'm sure that
electric car and all the battery weight will be ever so much a comfort when
a truck pushes the batteries and acid passenger compartment before it
crumples. Yes, I'm so enthused that the batteries weigh a lot and the rest
of the car is light.  It is very comforting.  

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