Paul on 13 Sep 2004 07:07:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

Howard Bloom wrote:

You and others like you on this list are zealots - It's your way or the
highway I suppose -

That's not it, it's not just "our" way or the highway. You keep mentioning political crap (I dislike politics in general.) and assigning labels (Another thing I dislike.) while overlooking the fact the PLUG is a kind of social group. If we don't get along and feel comfortable together, there is no reason to continue hanging out together.

Think about this: iwanu ga hana. 'Literally translated as "Not speaking is the flower." It means, "Some things are better left unsaid; Silence is golden."'

If this is what it takes to get along with this group, then just stop trying to convince everyone that you are right and that Linux only belongs on servers. It's OK to voice your opinion, but it gets old after a while.

Actually, I like to be disruptive on occasion. Please, send me the links to the Windows lists that you're on. I want to go on them and convince them that Linux is the ultimate server platform and that Windows is only used because Windows users don't know any better. And that, maybe, a future release of Windows will offer a capable server. How many times would they want to hear that? (I bet PLUG has tolerated more than the Windows lists would.)
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