Howard Bloom on 13 Sep 2004 16:21:03 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] Interesting Article from eWeek

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> Run Linux on your asscrack for all I care. Again, I have no 
> care nor control over where and when you use Linux. Zealots 
> are always trying to label everyone else a zealot because 
> they can't see past their own opinions. You chose this list 
> to badger, we didn't choose you. And if that's the way you 
> feel about Linux, then I feel very bad indeed for your 
> customers. I'll speak no more on this subject.
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> Tobias DiPasquale

You will let me know when the asscrack version of Suse - probably will be
renamed Schiesse Suse - comes out.  I've tested all sorts of Linux and I
must say that asscrack Linux intrigues me very much.  And just for you
Tobias, I bottom answered the question, for all the pertinent reasons.


P.S.  Please let me know when the moderator of this list sends you a little
note about running Linux in my asscrack.  It seems that only people he likes
get a pass which I suspect will be the case, but I'm sure that since I'm
responding to the asscrack Linux, he will no doubt send me a nice letter
asking me to be nice.

It's a strange algorithm he is working from.

One note however, I haven't insulted or thrown ad hominem attacks your way -
why do send them to me?

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