Howard Bloom on 13 Sep 2004 16:58:02 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] iptables -A INPUT -s Howard_Bloom/0 -j DROP

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> Nay
> Not yet, anyway. I've heard lots worse anti-Linux opinions than his.
> When he becomes abusive, insulting, etc, then fine - we'll 
> see about banning him. Dissing Linux is not enuf reason 
> (IMO). I could be overruled by majority vote, I suppose. How 
> many would that take - we have somewhere around 400 
> subscribers, last I heard. has that changed?
> Don't think we've ever banned anyone from this list, have we? 
> And Mike Toren would have to be the guy to do it, since he is 
> the guy running the mail server.
> Individual members can easily set their own killfilters, if they wish.

If that is the criteria then can we ban Tobias from the list for his
asscrack comment?  I was deeply hurt by this and I'm afraid it will most
likely cause me several sleepless nights and some mild stomach upset.


P.S.  I am not nor have I ever "dissed" Linux.  In the server arena I use it
often and it is happily running as my gateway - snort snort - and everything

It is the desktop that I think it is light in the loafers so to speak.
After all, you wouldn't take a .22 caliber gun to a gunfight when you have
perfectly good .45 caliber handguns at the ready.

-- Celebrate today - the assault weapons law just expired.  Rest in peace
assault weapons bill - rest in peace.

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