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Re: [PLUG] More critique of Linux desktop

Howard Bloom wrote:

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Of course, going from one OS/one set of programs to another will ALWAYS involve SOME pain and confusion, getting used to the new ways, etc.
Perhaps you over-estimate this amount of re-learning/re-training/etc.

I don't overlook it, it just isn't possible using the current set of tools. My day to day programs at this point require the use of Windows. I would prefer the stability of Linux over Windows any day but I can't move until I can function at least close to the same level as I do in Windows.

For me, Samba [and two, side-by-side desks] is the answer. I do what I can in Linux and only use Windows for what I can't. With symlinks and windows shortcuts, my Linux home directory is just a click away from my Windows documents directory, and vice-versa. Data that works on both machines is shared.


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