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RE: [PLUG] iptables -A INPUT -s Howard_Bloom/0 -j DROP


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Subject: Re: [PLUG] iptables -A INPUT -s Howard_Bloom/0 -j DROP

Howard Bloom <>:
> When did I become an enemy?  I use Linux!  Can I play with everyone now?

I remember you from the PA-RKBA list.  You use guns, too, but I don't want
you playing on any shooting expedition I ever organize.

I have been keeping quiet about your past behavior to give you a chance to
demonstrate that you learned something from being run off PA-RKBA.  It is
now evident that you have not.  You are still a miserable, contentious,
troublemaking asshole and far too impressed with your own rhetoric.

Yes, PLUGgers, you should drop this guy.  Like a rock.  I never tangled with
him personally back on the PA gun-rights list, but I watched with
astonishment while he pissed off *everybody* there. Let him be somebody
else's problem.  Maybe he'll grow up someday.  I doubt it, though.  His kind
generally gets nastier and more bitter with age.


You don't give me enough credit Eric.  As for PA-RKBA I started it.  I
believe it was the first use on the internet for a mail list for gun rights.
I originally ran it using Pine and I forwarded the messages to my address
book prior to the invention of mailing list software.  My PA-RKBA list was
the first of its kind was but was copied by the other States - but I
wouldn't want you to hurt yourself by giving me any credit for that.  In the
early days we fought back the anti-gunners and mobilized people across the

PA-RKBA was my list and I left it voluntarily.  It had migrated from a gun
rights list with very dedicated gun rights activists to people who forgot
what activism was all about and who wouldn't admit that they lost rights
left and right and hadn't gained back one right that was lost.  

That's old news.  I fought the good fight and I'm proud of what I
accomplished.  You should check your history as your thoughts on PA-RKBA
seem to be skewed.  

Now as to dropping someone, I think it is you who should be dropped - I can
certainly accept that I am miserable, even contentious, but calling me an
asshole is just out of line and now my 3 or 4 nights of sleeplessness will
most likely be prolonged to a week and my feelings are so hurt that my
stomach is doing somersaults.  Oopss .. Gotta run - not again ...


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