Frederick Heckel on 14 Sep 2004 03:53:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Religious Questions

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 12:41:51 -0400 sean finney <>
> > As well, Debian's installer is notoriously chaffing, whereas RH
> > leads the field in Linux installation technology (I know they are
> > coming out with a new installer for sarge, but I haven't used it
> > yet, so I can only comment on the current one). Ever used FAI for
> > Debian? It makes you want to gouge your own eye out. Kickstart, OTOH
> > is pretty smooth stuff and can do more than FAI with much less setup
> > overhead.
> yes, woody's installer sucks, but sarge's installer is really quite
> nice.  they're in the release-candidate stage now, the base system
> is frozen, and the wheels are rolling.
> i tried a long time ago to get fai working, but the learning curve was
> a little to steep for me at the time.  i know of at least two
> organizations i've dealt with who use fai, but not without lots of
> teeth gnashing getting it set up in the first place.  very similar
> experience to the woody installer it seems.  a bitch to get going,
> but easy to manage once you do.  kickstart, on the other hand, is
> absolutely wonderful.  if you'll recall one of the topics i offered to
> to do a talk on in nov involved cool kickstart tricks.

Sean and I have had this discussion many, many times... He speaks the
truth about the new debian installer. It's really a beautiful thing.
(I'm a gentoo user regularly frustrated by the debian systems i'm
involved in managing)

And for real eye-gouging fun, ever try using FAI with Sparcs? *shudder*
You have to fix it every 3 months or so. As soon as I fix it this time,
I'm harassing Lange about getting the patches for sparc linux fai into
debian properly. (For that matter, if you, or anyone else on the list,
has managed to make it work in a similar situation in the past month or
two, let me know... I've been putting it off for a couple weeks now)


Frederick Heckel

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