Ron Mansolino on 15 Sep 2004 17:00:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Linux Aims For The Desktop

Art Alexion said...
> A linux desktop developments article.


You've heard the saying "the more things change, the more they stay the same"?

That's what will happen here.

If these companies try to innovate a desktop solution, they will have to pay programmers.
they will have to market them$elves to gain distinction from their peers.
they will have to protect their investment in this IP.
they will have to prevent others from taking (and maybe even improving) thier code.
they will have to add proprietary features to get a competitive leg up on the others.
they will have to abandon support for obsolete code and outdated features.
they will have to become just like Microsoft. (remember GEOS? ... anyone?)


unless a project like this is spearheaded by a neutral party (java? kde? gnome? Linus?)
it's going to be just as good/bad as windows.
and we already have that now.

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