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Re: [PLUG] rp-pppoe and Verizon DSL

On 15 Sep, 2004, at 11:35, Art Alexion wrote:
I guess what you are telling me is that my IP-Masq project is a waste of time at these prices...

There is a point of view that says ... if you have a nail, use a hammer, if you have a screw, use a screwdriver ... ignore the fact that a pair of pliers can be used in either case.

It is true that a "general purpose computer" can do anything. But (marketing speaking), a special purpose device will "always" do it better.

If that were not the case, then cisco would not exist.

If time is an issue for you, then you need to evaluate if learning a new skill is a worthwhile investment of your time.

If you want to learn a new skill, then learning IP-Masq is clearly beneficial.

But if you are simply looking for a tool which will allow you to leverage your time for use on other projects then buy the special purpose device.

This is called Capital Investment for the purpose of Increasing Productivity.

It's a trade-off.

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