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RE: [PLUG] Verizon DSL

Title: RE: [PLUG] Verizon DSL

I'm not sure. I just signed up for DSL in my area (Barrington NJ), I live on a block street that
I thought would never get DSL. I'm still awaiting the modem in the mail, but so far no one has
called and said, sorry, it's not available yet! (fingers crossed they really did add it to my area).

I currently have Comcast cable, however, since there is so much traffic on my node, I rarely get
anything above 1.5-2 mbs download anyway, and at $25/month less than cable seems like it should
be a good choice. However, I'm not dropping cable until I'm satisfifed I can live with DSL.

Don't you have cable internet in your area? which I would think would be far less than $80/month.
or is it the terms of service that is the problem?


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>Hi Pluger's,
> Been awhile since I checked in, although I do read the mail
>from time to
>time. I was the one that went after Verizon via the PUC a few years ago
>regarding DSL and the lack of competition. It generated a lot
>of paper and
>phone calls but I doubt it did much else. We are still in the
>same boat.
>I believe that Verizon (only) DSL is now available at my
>location. I have
>been using a 24/7 dialup here for years. If I want it, it looks like I
>will have to spring for the business flavor with static IP. That is
>$79/month. A real rip-off considering the $29/month for
>residential dyn.
>I saw talk of PPOE etc. on the list. I am assuming that my Linux server
>attached to a DSL modem via ethernet does not know nor care what is out
>there on the other end of the ethernet (the modem - ppoe or
>whatever) and
>just default routes to it. I would use linux (as I currently
>do) to serve
>a local 192.168.x.x network.
>Looking for others comments who have gone the static IP verizon route.
>It looks like Verizon is really rolling out the the advertising on DSL.
>Hardly a day goes by that I don't get something in the mail. Are they
>really backing this up with more hardware especially at their RT's and
>serving more of the community? This was not the case a year or two ago.
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