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Re: [PLUG] Linksys and DSL

On Mon, 20 Sep 2004, Eric Hidle wrote:

> "I have about 14 domains that I serve and provide web services for."
> I think a DSL line might be a little thin for something like that... just
> MHO...
I think we often get carried away on BW. Case in point - I have been
running these sites on a 24/7 dialup for 10 years! It is hand coded HTML
not the overburdoned robot created crap you mostly see on the net. The
index files are a few K long.

The faster it is the faster you will want it!

> "A question was asked wether Verizon business DSL is PPOE. I cannot answer
> > that. I suspect it is. Does anyone have it?"
> I am not sure, but I imagine that the only difference between the
> residential and business DSL lines is the Terms of Service and whether or
> not they issue a statically assigned DCHP entry in their server. Also
> interesting is that even with the business DSL line, you are still not
> allowed to run servers or use "excessive bandwidth," according to the ToS. A
> subjective terms that lots of mainstream ISPs like to use to take your money
> for a service they do not want you to use.

 Well they specifically talk of company based mail and web servers on
their business web page.


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