Aaron Crosman on 28 Sep 2004 16:37:05 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] Online video catalogs

>Could we see the static page?

Sure.  If you really want.
http://www.afsc.org/resources/video-film.htm  (The first page people are
expected to see)
http://www.afsc.org/newengland/bigcat/96to02.htm (The really ugly and
LONG catalog)

The problem with rolling our own (other then time) is that once we're
rebuilding this, it makes sense to me that would should work on
improving it's setup. Right now it's a listing of videos on 1 page, and
a request form on another.  That request form sends an email to a staff
member, and he calls the person to confirm.  Gee wouldn't it be nice if
you could click on an item and if you were logged in it would send all
your information along as well AND if you weren't new to the system we
could skip the confirmation step.

OpenDB looks interesting, although might almost be too far in the other
direction...it might be too capable.  My instinct tells me that if it
that's the case then we'll be building our own.  Oh, and thanks to Kevin
for the suggestions.  I looked on sourceforge, I don't know how I missed
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