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Re: [PLUG] Online video catalogs

Aaron Crosman wrote:

Could we see the static page?

Sure. If you really want. (The first page people are expected to see) (The really ugly and LONG catalog)

The problem with rolling our own (other then time) is that once we're
rebuilding this, it makes sense to me that would should work on
improving it's setup. Right now it's a listing of videos on 1 page, and
a request form on another.  That request form sends an email to a staff
member, and he calls the person to confirm.  Gee wouldn't it be nice if
you could click on an item and if you were logged in it would send all
your information along as well AND if you weren't new to the system we
could skip the confirmation step.

For one thing, the movies should be listed on a form. The form data would be submitted to the next page which could prompt for the borrowers' info. Then, submitting the second form would combine the info and send to where ever you choose. That's the most basic approach.

Are those movies also available as AVI pre-views or even as complete downloads?

I tried and it was interesting. From Movielink one can download a movie which is only viewable for a limit amount of time. They do this through the use of DRM. Quote: "Movielink uses Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, which is a set of technologies used by content owners and providers to protect copyrights. DRM encrypts digital media content and limits access to only those people who have acquired the right to play the content."

I'm betting there is a fairly easy way to circumvent DRM. Feel free to tell me how! Not that I would do that. No.

BTW, this quote bothers me a little: "Sorry, but in order to enjoy the Movielink service you must use Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, which supports certain technologies we utilize for downloading movies. Click here to get the latest version of Internet Explorer. We do not anticipate supporting Mozilla or Netscape in the near future."
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