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Re: [PLUG] 208V power? Anyone? Anyone?

DANGER - DANGER - DANGER! Make sure it's really 208V AC.

There is a 110 VAC plug (NEMA 5-20 - used for 20 Amp circuits only) 
that has perpendicular blades.

I believe the 208/220 V plugs would have more than just a perpendicular 

Here are some diagrams of 110 VAC plugs:

CAVEAT: I am an Electrical Engineer and NOT an Electrician - although 
I play one on tv :-P   Actually, I've wired a number of devices from
110 VAC lamps to 240 VAC 3 phase 30 Amp industrial equipment to 277 VAC
industrial lighting.
I know just enough to know I don't know enough.  Check it out!

Good luck!


Quoting kaze <>:

> Does anyone have the facility to plug in a Dell PowerEdge 7150 just
> purchased off eBay? A client of mine just bought it and is picking it from
> Cargo City _today_ (by Philly International Airport.) He go the powercord
> and a SUSE Linux box set in a separate shipment. He says the power cord is
> a
> 208V with perpendicular prongs. Anybody got one of these plugs on a wall or
> the back of a UPS and wanna rack up major style and bragging points? Please
> call me 215.738.8116
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