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Re: [PLUG] Tis the season for computer buying?

On 03 Jan, 2005, at 09:23, George Gallen wrote:
 I haven't seen the system, so I'm assuming it has a buit in
 2-system keyboard, video mouse sharing system. The advantage
 is that is can be sold to leach off another system in the
house within reach to use that video, keyboard and mouse.

I'm guessing it has ports for the K/V/M, as well as plugs
 for K/V/M to hook back to the other system. And you would
 switch between computers either using hotkey strokes or a
 physical switch.

I have a 4 computer KVM at home. You hit <CNTL> then <shift> then <ALT>
   then hit 1,2,3 or 4 depending on which system you want to "be".

There a number of Rumor sites touting various configurations.

The main report implies a headless (no monitor) G4.

Other's aren't so sure:

Neither mentions a KVM setup ... only that its going to be sold
"headless," which is definitely not the same thing!

Personally, I like this idea: "the iPVR"

But after the announcement of the G5 iMac with its "book like" physical
structure, I'm still of the opinion that the "one more thing"
announcement is going to be a "tablet" -- which is what you get if
you take the G5 iMac off its stand and lay it flat!
... think "Knowledge Navigator" -- from Apple's 1987 commercial of
the same name.

... we'll just have to wait until the 11th to find out.

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