M.Simons on 7 Apr 2005 16:45:15 -0000

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[PLUG] OT:Phone & DSL service?


  I was wondering if people have any experience or knowledge of phone &
dsl service that is actually *cheaper* or *the same* price as verizon.

I keep services on my phone line pretty minimal, but of course keep the
dsl.. now for various reasons, verizon has screwed around (and seems to be
RAISING the dsl price unless you commit to a year, or have a special

So I am looking into a few things: cheap non-dsl'ed phone service for a
line elsewhere, voice line with dsl inexpensively or a dsl service I can
have on my verizon line that is cheaper than or the equivalent price to

But it seems that for voice service (with the ability to serve dsl also)
every other local phone provider either wants you to buy some huge bundle
of services (that I don't use) for a set price which is often more
expensive than I currently am paying, and usually -- their price doesn't
include all the basic fees which are required by the various govt
regs/levels, hence as far as I can tell always making their service much
more expensive than I am currently paying.

I am also looking for a very basic cheap line for a non-dsl line, if
anybody has any input on that.


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