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Doug Crompton wrote:

I just ordered the HD-3000 card after reading the latest Linux Journal -
page 12. I asked this question before but did not get any response. Is
anyone on this list doing anything with MythTV or using this card?

Yes, I am using MythTV. No, I am not yet using this card (though I wish to get a couple of them).

Right now I have a Hauppage PVR-250 tuner card and a firewire connection to my STB provided by RCN. I'm not thrilled. The PVR-250 only gets <90 channels and the picture quality is poor after getting used to digital cable. Once I was able to hook up my STB, things improved. I get a lot more channels now, but some of the ones I'm most interested in (like the premium channels) are blocked from firewire access.

My 1.7GHz Duron is, for the record, too slow to play back HD content (even with the non-Free nVidia drivers installed). I have to rectify this before picking up the HD tuner card(s) obviously.
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