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Re: [PLUG] Wireless router recommendations

On Sat, 30 Apr 2005 23:51:10 -0400, Stephen Gran said:
> I am wondering if I can get a hold of a wireless router that does not
> _have_ to do NAT and packet filtering and so forth - having the ability
> to do so is great, but I would like to be able to be selective.  So far
> everything I have seen is pretty much all of it on, and no mention of
> whether it can be switched off.  I like the looks of the Linksys (is it
> wrtg?) that has the possibility of running a stripped down linux on it -
> that would at least let it be flexible :)  Any one have any experience
> with this one?  Any others come to mind?

I have an ASUS WL-300G. It has NAT & packet filtering capability but
since I already have a Verizon NAT ADSL modem/router I don't use those
facilities, and they're very easy to turn off; I've just assigned it an
IP address on my internal subnet and told it to play nicely. It does
have WEP-PSK etc. which is what I run my network on. My neighbor has a
linksys of some sort, and my wife's laptop seems to prefer associating
with that network rather than ours. I haven't figured out why that is --
no matter how many times I remove the linksys network from the WinXP
wireless configuration settings it seems to find its way back. Aside
from that, though, I'm very happy with the ASUS. Also, the firmware
source code for the ASUS is available on the ASUS website, and I believe
(though I haven't experimented with this) that it's already running some
sort of Linux derivative. Which might make it a more fun toy than some
others, if I had time to mess about with it.

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