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[PLUG] POP and leave-on-server

In a private discussion, a flame war erupted concerning the "leave on
server" option that many POP clients offer.  The other party
maintained that mail should initially be left on the server in case
something happens to the client.  He concluded that this was the
reason for the feature.

I opined that the feature was likely for use by those who ran more
than one POP client but only wanted one personal mail store.  I was
not able to justify this assertion, but suggested (with link to the
rfc) that, since the protocol is stateful, it is unlikely to suffer
from reliability problems that would cause one to loose mail by
issuing DELE's after RETR's.

Does anyone here know more of the history?  I imagine experience with
earlier versions of POP might elucidate this, as web mail clients were
not popular in the old days before the web.


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