jvoris on 28 May 2005 00:32:15 -0000

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[PLUG] New Verizon Service called Fios - Any Feedback

Has anyone else heard about this new service from Verizon called FIOS.  I live 
out in Downingtown in Chester County and instead of rolling out DSL to my 
address, they are rolling out a fiber-optic service called FIOS.  5MB/sec for 
$39.95/mth, free installation, free modem/router.

Allows up to 4 PC's on their router.  But no LINUX boxes or NT boxes in their 
supported systems (which seems strange to me).  Are they using some client 
software on the PCs?

Right now` I use my Motorola Cable modem as my firewall and DNS server, so I 
bet I would be losing those capabilities, too.

Any comments or experiences or referrals or magazine articles anyone can point 
me to?


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