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Re: [PLUG] New Verizon Service called Fios - Any Feedback

On 27 May, 2005, at 20:32, jvoris wrote:
Allows up to 4 PC's on their router. But no LINUX boxes or NT boxes in their
supported systems (which seems strange to me). Are they using some client
software on the PCs?

Historically the answer was yes.

Back when they were Bell Atlantic, they were using PPPoE software from some company that only supported certain versions of Windows, and nothing else. And as I recall, that PPPoE software wasn't compatible with anybody else's.

Wouldn't surprise me to find out that they are still using the same software.

Although it does appear that they now support (without msn premium) the Mac...
But I love their system requirements -- a 100 base T card and a 2 ghz CPU... but it only needs 256 meg of memory! (Any blithering idiot knows that OS X really needs 512 if you plan to run applications, despite the fact that it will run in smaller memory configurations.) The really curios thing, however, is that they don't specify the OS. The implication of the minimum system requirements at 233 meghz is that they support OS 9... which is the only OS that runs on those old CPUs.

AHA ... I think this FAQ says it all ...

"9. Can I use my DSL Modem, Router, or Cable Modem with my Verizon Fios Internet Service?

No. At this time you need to use the broadband routers provided by Verizon that have been approved to work specifically with Verizon Fios Internet Service. These routers contain special diagnostic software that can help us troubleshoot and correct problems should you experience trouble with your Internet connection."

FIOS is basically a new service and they only way they will "support" the services is if you do it there way. My guess is that all the support comes out of the Virginia diagnostic center. ... i.e. its all centrally located. And if they can't do a "local loop-back" test remotely, then they can't support it. It's not unlike the old "smart jack" issues with the ISDN lines of yore.

The key phrase is "supported systems."

If you have one system "that works the way they want it to work" you can hand the rest on and they will work fine. ... Note that this "Verizon router" is apparently a Wi-Fi box as well -- but they don't support Wireless for the Mac.

"3. Will the wireless adapters I have already work with Verizon Fios Internet Service?

Depending on the speed packaged you ordered, your current adapters may or may not work. We recommend 802.11g adapters for all speeds, and 802.11g is required for both the 15 Mbps/2 Mbps and 30 Mbps/5 Mbps offers. 802.11b adapters will work with the 5 Mbps/2 Mbps offer, but 802.11g is recommended for optimal performance.

If you do not have adapters, need additional adapters or those you currently have do not meet our requirements, Verizon offers both PCMCIA and USB adapters."

If you have ever worked with "The Phone Company" before on a routine professional basis, you will realize that none of these "restrictions" are based on any technical considerations at all.
They are all based upon "support" capabilities of "dial-a-prayer," i.e. they are marketing imposed restrictions.

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