John Von Essen on 28 May 2005 01:48:08 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] New Verizon Service called Fios - Any Feedback

The Verizon supplied router probably works like any DSL/Cable modem/router. On the backend it does dhcp, which obviously will work for mac, win, linux, bsd, etc.,.

They officially support Mac and PC because that is what their call center support staff is trained to support, i.e. how do I config dhcp on Win2k or Mac OS X and so on.

Also, with Verizon DSL, they have a software CD that launches an app which communicates with Verizon to get your account ID's setup for PPPoE. In the old days, they would just give you this on paper. Thats another reason for non-Linux support. But you can just call and get the user/pass without using the CD.

So in short, you should have no difficulty running any OS with this FIOS service. My only question to Verizon would be how they handle IPSec packets. Comcast reserves the right to drop IPSec on regular home service. Sometimes they do, sometimes they dont - depends on time of day, who's working that shift, etc.,. Verizon DSL apparently never drops IPSec, hopefully that continues with FIOS.


On May 27, 2005, at 9:09 PM, William H. Magill wrote:

"9. Can I use my DSL Modem, Router, or Cable Modem with my Verizon Fios Internet Service?

No. At this time you need to use the broadband routers provided by Verizon that have been approved to work specifically with Verizon Fios Internet Service. These routers contain special diagnostic software that can help us troubleshoot and correct problems should you experience trouble with your Internet connection."

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