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[PLUG] Fwd: ACM Princeton Chapter Job Posting

I don't know anything about this job, but it sounds pretty cool for
someone with the right experience so I thought I'd forward it to the

If anyone's interested, please contact FCCC directly for more
information.  DO NOT email me or Jim Matey -- we're both just
middlemen.  Thanks.


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Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 11:45:03 -0400
From: ACM Princeton Chapter <jmatey@sarnoff.com>
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Subject: ACM Princeton Chapter Job Posting

High Performance Computing Cluster Administrator
Fox Chase Cancer Center

Salary:	Open
Location:	Main Campus
Type:		Full Time - Experienced

The person hired to this position is to be responsible for operations &
maintenance of the Fox Chase High Performance Computing Facilities research
computing cluster. Said individual will have responsibility for all software
installations and configurations involving scientific applications, such as
Gaussian, Schrodinger, Charmm, & Blast. Additionally, the individual will be
responsible for implementing scheduling a program submission policy on the
instrument via policy-based resource managers and scheduling systems, such
as MAUI & TORQUE (to accommodate grant funding, institution, and technical
priorities). The position holder will be responsible for the on-going
maintenance, upgrade, & software configuration of the system. The individual
will also be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date knowledge about best
practices on hardware & software configurations for High Performance

* Linux OS expertise
* Working familiarity with computational biology & chemistry applications
* 4 years or more server/systems administration experience in a research
* Bachelor's degree in related field required, Master's degree preferred

* website - www.fccc.edu
* send resumes for consideration - george.chambers@fccc.edu


Fox Chase Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute designated
Comprehensive Cancer Center, is an independent, nonprofit institution
devoted to improving cancer treatment through research and prevention.
Medical advances based on state of the art research are integrated with
compassionate care to give patients every possible human and technological
advantage in their battles against cancer. Our 100-bed hospital is one of
the largest in the country devoted entirely to cancer care.

In 1904 the Center was founded first as American Oncologic Hospital, the
nation's first cancer hospital. In 1974, Fox Chase Cancer Center was formed
from the union of the American Oncologic Hospital and the Institute for
Cancer Research, which was founded in 1927. Today Fox Chase has more than
2,100 employees and an annual budget of more than $218 million.

The Center's Institute for Cancer Research helped pioneer the modern
approach to understanding cancer by bringing together basic researchers from
many disciplines. Scientists study normal mechanisms of cell growth and the
abnormal growth processes of cancer to see what has gone wrong and how it
might be corrected. Fox Chase now has more than 80 laboratory research
programs with many key biological discoveries have been made here.


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