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Re: [PLUG] BlackDog

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Christopher Shanahan wrote:
> On Thursday 11 August 2005 19:06, Eugene Smiley wrote:
>>Well the page you listed states, "Leaves No Trace. BlackDog leaves
>>no trace of your application or data on the host computer."
>>It doesn't say that it leaves no trace of BlackDog. It could be
>>read as "BlackDog leaves no trace of your application or data --
>>you've installed on BlackDog -- on the host computer."
> Keep in mind, of course, that BlackDog -- like any USB device --
> will leave its mark in the host computer's registry (assuming a
> Windows machine).

But again that wouldn't count as an application or data. Wouldn't
that be more of a driver?

>>Maybe they're using JVM... I'd lean toward NX (which can be run
>>full screen) however. They refer to it as "Projecting" the server
>>on to the host PC which sounds to me like some form of remote
>>(VNC/RDP/NX) family of tricks.
> Wouldn't nxserver, or any comparable server app, have to be running
> on the host computer for a client running on the BlackDog to
> connect to? Or am I thinking backwards? Its still early. :)

Actually it is backwards, you'd need an NX client which the driver
could install from the Blackdog upon plug-in and uninstall upon

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